Analysis: In Wuhan Virus Crisis, Hillary Clinton Exposes Her True Colors

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Hillary Clinton speaks during the TIME 100 Summit, in New York, April 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

That Hillary Clinton is still bitter about her 2016 election loss to Donald Trump is not breaking news. The failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee has spent nearly the entirety of her time since then complaining to sympathetic news outlets about how the election was “stolen” from her, claiming she would have won it had it not been for the mythical Trump/Russia election collusion that never happened.


But here we are in the midst of a global pandemic, with the United States being declared as the new “epicenter” of the Wuhan coronavirus. One would think Hillary Clinton might have it in her to rise above, to show that in a time of crisis she’ll put her personal and political differences aside in order to help combat a deadly virus. To demonstrate that even though there will still be disagreements, she’s willing to do her part in working together with the opposition to get things done.

Sadly, she doesn’t have it in her to do any of this.

At every turn, Clinton has worked to undercut Trump no matter what decisions have been made, no matter what policies have been announced.

For example, Clinton echoed China’s propaganda arm in condemning Trump for calling the virus the “Chinese virus“:

Two days earlier, this was tweeted from China’s state-owned “media”:


All this in spite of the fact that the virus originated in Wuhan, China, and in spite of the fact that Trump was calling it the “Chinese virus” to counter China’s outrageous claim that the virus was planted in Wuhan by the U.S. military.

But being a willing accomplice in China’s disinformation campaign was suddenly okay in Hillary’s book because Orange Man Bad.

Clinton has also taken to the Twitter machine to declare that Trump is no FDR when it comes to handling a crisis, mistakenly believing that it would be considered an insult to be told you don’t quite compare to a president who put 120,000 Japanese-Americans in concentration camps and threatened to pack the Supreme Court:

Armchair quarterback Clinton has also repeatedly taken Trump to task for alleged supply/equipment pipeline issues, some of which were later debunked by Democratic state officials like NY Gov. Cuomo:


But perhaps worst of all, on Friday, Clinton posted an especially nasty tweet in response to the news that the U.S. had passed China in the raw number of Wuhan coronavirus cases:

A number of high profile politicos and public figures called her out for her disgraceful remarks, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino:


As I’ve said before, it’s more than clear at this point that Hillary Clinton is determined to undermine President Trump in the midst of this crisis because she still can’t let 2016 go. It’s even more clear that it’s a good thing she’s not president right now.

Memo to Hillary: Pettiness and bitterness are not a good look, especially in the middle of a national health crisis.


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