NC Democratic Congressional Candidate Polls People on Firing Federal Workers Who Support Trump

There is “unhinged” and then there is the Mark Judson version of “unhinged.”

Judson, a Democrat, is vying along with two others for the opportunity to take on incumbent Rep. David Rouzer (R) in the fall election to represent North Carolina’s 7th Congressional district.


The Democrat who wins the primary next Tuesday to take on Rouzer will have an uphill battle in front of him, to be sure. But Judson certainly didn’t do himself any favors with a poll he published on Twitter Sunday in which he asked people what they thought about having supporters of President Trump fired from their federal jobs or ousted from the military, supposedly in the interests of “protect[ing] the nation”:


On his campaign website, Judson describes himself as “a retired Army officer and a combat veteran.”

As Twitchy documented, Judson got raked over the coals by a lot of people over the poll, and he eventually deleted it.

He tried to defend himself later by saying he had never suggested it as a policy proposal:


Did he really not mean these things, either?


This is the tweet he was responding to:

Judson sounds like the North Carolina version of Rep. Maxine Waters. Yikes.

NC’s 7th Congressional district previously had been in Democratic hands for decades, but after Rouzer narrowly lost his bid for the seat in 2012 to incumbent Democrat Mike McIntyre, he won the district in 2014, two years after redistricting by the GOP-controlled state legislature. Rouzer was reelected twice after that to continue serving in Congress.


Even in the midst of the redistricting lawsuits that Democrats have put the state through for years with some success thanks mostly to Democrat-appointed judges (Republicans here call the strategy “sue ’til blue”), Rouzer’s district remains solidly red, according to Cook Political Report.

That said, anytime a candidate for higher office floats a dangerous idea, it’s worth pointing out, no matter the longshot odds of that candidate winning his or her primary/election, because sometimes these ideas have ways of gaining steam even in the event the candidate ultimately ends up losing.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)


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