MSNBC's Katy Tur Asks New Hampshire Voter Who He Voted For, Gets Very Unexpected Answer

Anchor Katy Tur interviews a New Hampshire primary voter. Screen grab via MSNBC.

Anchor Katy Tur interviews a New Hampshire primary voter – 2/11/2020. Screen grab via MSNBC.

It’s never really a good day to be MSNBC, but the last few days have been especially brutal for them. Before we get to the surprise answer Ms. Tur received during a live interview earlier today, here’s a brief rundown of other notable surprises we’ve seen on MSNBC over the course of the last several days:


Longtime MSNBC talk show host Chris Matthews made his fellow anchors including wacky Joy Reid visibly uncomfortable last Friday night after the New Hampshire Democratic debate when he went on a rant against socialism, arguing that it “doesn’t frickin’ work!” His colleague Chris Hayes clearly didn’t want the segment to go on for too much longer and basically cut Matthews off to turn to something else.

On Sunday, new MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson dropped some truth bombs in front of an annoyed “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd about how the media, including the journalists sitting with him on the panel, often colludes with the DNC.

Today, the network’s Ari Melber had a New Hampshire Democrat flat out tell him that MSNBC’s over the top anti-Bernie coverage was so out there that she decided to vote for Sanders in spite of the fact that there were other candidates she had been seriously considering.

Not to be outdone, reporter Katy Tur has had a number of embarrassing on-air moments, from asking about how “gerrymandering” could change the make-up of the U.S. Senate to talking about how car loans take 30 years to pay off.

Her streak continued earlier this afternoon while, during a segment on Sanders’ chances of winning the New Hampshire primary, she asked a primary voter who he supported – clearly expecting him to answer “Bernie Sanders.”


But he didn’t.

Watch below to hear his surprising answer, and to see her reaction:

(Note: That was Katy Tur, not Nicole Wallace, in that clip)

Hehe. Epic. You could almost hear her teeth gritting as she planted that smile on her face.

The results are still rolling in on the New Hampshire primary. Click here for the latest info.


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