Sad and Somber: Watch as Chuck Schumer Scolds a Giggling Kamala Harris During Impeachment Press Conference

Screen grab via C-SPAN.

Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris Screen grab via C-SPAN.

Along with the mainstream media’s help, Democrats in the House and Senate have tried their best to put a “sad and somber” face on the impeachment process and the possible removal of President Trump from office.


Like many things they do, however, they failed bigly in their efforts for all the world to see, including during the impeachment resolution signing ceremony earlier this month where a smiling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) passed out souvenir pens and selfies were taken. Days later, she fist-bumped liberal comedian Bill Maher during an appearance on his HBO program where they discussed Trump’s impeachment and the next steps.

The latest incident of a “sad and somber” fail was this morning during an impeachment press conference led by Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Also in attendance were Democratic Sens. Patty Murray (WA), Kamala Harris (CA), and Sherrod Brown (OH).

Schumer was in the middle of taking a question from a reporter when he paused for a moment and turned to Harris, who appeared to be standing closely to and giggling at Brown after gesturing to something on his jacket or chin (?). Watch below as Schumer shushed her in short order and how she in turn acts sheepishly:

A number of top conservative Twitter accounts have already produced .gifs and slow motion videos of what happened. Reagan Battalion snagged a page out of the left’s book by taking a war on women approach to the incident:


Meanwhile, Daily Wire’s clip included a slow motion, close-up version of Schumer’s turn and Harris’ reaction:

Here’s another:

While it’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence for Democrats to have been pretending from the start that they were treating this as a “sad and somber” time in American history, what makes this particular incident especially odd and out of sorts is the fact that on today of all days, Democrats – especially Senate Democrats – really don’t have anything to be laughing or celebrating about.


They’ve failed in their efforts to have Trump removed from office, and this whole charade is going to be wrapped up pretty soon.

Having said that, while it’s extremely bad form for Harris to act out the way she did on a day where her party is experiencing its biggest loss to date against Trump and Republicans, that video actually gave off the appearance that the giggling Harris might have another problem on her hands that has nothing at all to do with impeachment, if you catch my drift.

I’ll leave it for readers to draw their own conclusions on that one.



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