Jen Rubin Expresses Joy She Was 'Alive to Hear Adam Schiff Speak', Gets Seriously Ratioed

That Never Trumper Jennifer Rubin is an Adam Schiff fangirl is not new news, but it’s still worth documenting just to see how far she’s fallen down the impeachment rabbit hole.


In recent days, the Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist has laughably talked about the “magnificent” Schiff and how the American people “should be proud and should know what he says is true and right”:

She RT’d this tweet from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell praising Schiff as the “best lawyer” he’s ever seen in Congress:

Rubin’s also marveled at Schiff’s “magnificent words”:

But most importantly, she wants you to know that she is so thankful she was around to listen to Schiff trying to con the American people speak on the Senate floor over the last few days:

To date, that tweet has received over 6,000 retweets. But it’s also gotten over 12,000 comments – which is the definition of getting “ratioed” on Twitter. Here are just a few of the responses that stand out:


The whole thread is one big gif-fest. It’s pretty hilarious, all things considered.

And finally, perhaps the best one of the bunch:

Can I get an amen?

I mean, seriously. When you’re a “conservative” who sounds more like NY Times liberal columnist Paul Krugman every day, well, there really is no turning back…


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