In Which a WaPo Journo Accidentally Demonstrates Everything Wrong With Impeachment 'Reporting' in One Tweet

Dumpster Fire Flood Screen grab via Giphy.

That the mainstream media are cheering on Democrats as they try to make the case to impeach Trump this week in the Senate is not breaking news. Nor is their penchant for either misreporting on proceedings or sharing opinions on what’s going on that call into question their supposed “impartiality.”


Nevertheless, it’s still worth pointing out.

Both the former and the latter were the case on Tuesday when Washington Post national correspondent Philip Bump gave a hypothetical on a “criminal trial” while talking about the impeachment trial taking place in the Senate:

Except this is … not a criminal trial.

Several Twitter users attempted to helpfully point this out to him:

Bump replied to “Tommytabtab”‘s remarks with what could arguably be the most confusing reply from a member of the media so far this year. In a now-deleted tweet, Bump responded:


It isn’t a criminal trial. That’s the point.

Deleted Philip Bump tweet Screen grab via Twitchy.
Wait, what?

Bump later quipped something about the “significant failings of the American educational system” but it fell flat:

Word of advice for Mr. Bump: Might wanna sit out the “criminal trial” at this point, man. Like, all of it. Not doing your industry any favors here.


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