Watch: Campaign Truck for Climate Change Candidate Tom Steyer Seen Idling for at Least an Hour in NC

Tom Steyer

Democratic presidential candidate businessman Tom Steyer speaks Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


If you know nothing else about Tom Steyer other than the fact that he’s a billionaire businessman who has spent millions to try and convince people President Trump should be impeached, it’s that he’s the climate change candidate in the Democratic presidential primary race.

In fact, he says jumped into the race in part because of the sense of urgency he felt on the issue:

Steyer also said that no other candidate is planning to deal with climate change with the urgency he says is necessary.

“Secondly, I’ve been a climate hawk for well over a decade,” Steyer continued “But I felt like there was no one who was actually going to address the climate problem on a timely basis that I believe the situation demands.”

What would another eventual Democratic nominee have to do to satisfy him as a climate change advocate?

“You’d have to say it’s my number one priority,” Steyer said. “They’d have to say they declare a state of emergency and use the emergency powers of the presidency. They’d have to say it’d be their lead question in foreign policy, because that’s the only way this is actually getting addressed. Having a plan that can’t get passed is not addressing a problem.”


With all that in mind, he might be interested in finding out that a truck displaying digital signage for his campaign was spotted in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier today, and it appeared to have been idling for at least an hour.

Reader Clay Johanson tweeted me this video, which was taken in uptown Charlotte shortly after lunch:

When I inquired as to exactly how much time it had been sitting there, Johanson wasn’t sure, but he noted that in addition to idling, the truck sat there empty – which he correctly noted was against the law in Mecklenburg County:


He tweeted a picture about 45 minutes later of the truck still sitting there, engine running – with no one inside of it. The driver, he stated, said it was actually a diesel generator that was powering the sign:

Whether it was the truck idling or a diesel-powered generator, CO2 was still being emitted:

Paging Tom Steyer: Please call your Charlotte, NC office.


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