Ben Rhodes and the Obama Bros. Throttle the Irony Meter With Complaints of Media Leniency With Trump on Iran

Tommy Vietor, left, former National Security Council spokesman, and Ben Rhodes, deputy National Security Adviser. Associated Press.

Tommy Vietor, left, former National Security Council spokesman, and Ben Rhodes, deputy National Security Adviser. Via the Associated Press.

While there’s nothing funny about war or threats of war, reading the unhinged reactions of former Obama administration national security advisers on the issue of President Trump’s policy towards Iran has been, well, let’s just call it “amusing.”


Their running commentaries on the developing situation in Iran and Iraq have been especially animated and fevered in the aftermath of President Trump and other Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) absolutely unloading on the Obama administration regarding their disastrous Iran policy, which unfortunately paved the way for where we are today in the region.

With all that in mind, let’s turn to the Obama Bros’ latest talking point – and you’ll see that’s exactly what it is when you read how alike their tweets sound. It’s kinda like groupthink on steroids. Their newest complaint? That the mainstream media – ya know, the ones who walk around in a perpetual state of TDS – are being much more lenient with the Trump administration than they were with the Obama administration on the Iran issue.


Read the tweets from Vietor, Rhodes, and Pfeiffer below:


The White House press corps “grilled” the Obama administration? They treat Trump with kid gloves in comparison to Obama with respect to the Iran situation? Really?

That’s certainly news to a lot of us in the cheap seats:

As to media fact checking in real time, that would be a first:

Let’s also not forget how particularly ironic their complaints about media coverage on Iran are when you consider Rhodes’ admitted role in selling Obama’s Iran deal to the mainstream media:

Former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes placed himself front and center in pitching the failed Iran deal to a willing national media, which he knew was comprised of friends and cohorts more than willing to ingest his spin and spit it out to their audiences.

Rhodesโ€™s media pals felt empowered. They were part of the White House inner circle. As Rhodes himself told the New York Times magazine, โ€œThey were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.โ€

He called them, โ€œthe echo chamber,โ€ and scarcely disguised his contempt for the media and their think tank cronies in his revealing May 2016 interview.

โ€œThe average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. Thatโ€™s a sea change. They literally know nothing,โ€ he said.


Rhodes spoonfed talking points to the MSM, which they eagerly repeated in their reporting. But yeah, the MSM is so much more forgiving when it comes to Trump’s decisions on Iran. Right.


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