Chris Hayes' Mini-Rant About Whiteness of House GOP Ends Badly After People Point to MSNBC's Lineup

Democrats make no secret of the fact that they’re obsessed with identity politics, even though they typically don’t put it in those exact terms. But nevertheless, they are.


Perhaps no other cable news network’s topic choices exemplify this better than MSDNC MSNBC, where on any given day you will be a witness to panels full of “woke” liberals quick to point out that there are a lot of white men in the House GOP.

“All In” host Chris Hayes presented folks with a case study on Wednesday in how making such observations can end badly, especially if the person making the observation conveniently forgets what his own backyard looks like.

While watching the House debate the articles of impeachment, Hayes exclaimed:

When another Twitter user weighed in with a similar opinion, Hayes confirmed that was his point:

Except there’s something Hayes left out of his Twitter “commentary” complaining about too much whiteness, as others helpfully pointed out with screen grabs of MSNBC’s primetime lineup page:



Not only that but, you know, there’s this alarming (for Democrats) and inconvenient fact as well about who the Democratic nominee for president likely will be:

And as another person noted, diversity in thought is the most important type of diversity there is:

Can’t argue with that.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)



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