Jen Rubin Pins Bonkers Tweet Equating 'Impeachment Day' to 'Flag Day' and People Have a Whole Lotta Thoughts

There are few people in NeverTrumplandia more giddy with excitement over the House voting on President Trump’s impeachment than Washington Post “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin. Because the TDS with her is very real.


When she’s not proudly declaring she will “never vote for” any Republican who doesn’t support Trump’s impeachment and removal, she’s writing about how “indebted” we all should be for any and all Democrats who have pushed for impeachment. And when she’s not promoting the “burning down” of the Republican party in order to save it, she’s singing high praises for failed Democratic candidates for public office like Stacey Abrams (GA).

But today, she tweeted out an idea that is pretty far out there even for her. Impeachment day, she stated, should be treated like a holiday on par with Flag Day so “we [can] honor the heroes and read in every public square the articles of impeachment”:

She was so proud of her tweet that she pinned it to the top of her page:

My Red State colleague Bonchie was one of the many people who had a “WTF?” reaction to her suggestion:


Now there’s a thought!

Here’s an even better one. Instead of listening to people read the articles of impeachment in public squares, why not listen to actor Adam Baldwin reading the IG report in the warmth and comfort of your own home?

Or you could pull up the 480 page report here and read it over the Christmas holiday. In fact, it might make a good Christmas gift for some of your more liberal friends. Just make sure to not to wrap it Trump wrapping paper. Don’t wanna give the secret away! 😉



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