Video: Mark Steyn Hilariously Discusses 'Only Way' Trump Can Get Democrats to Accept 2020 Election Results

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn Tucker Carlson talks to Mark Steyn – 12/16/19. Screen grab via Fox News.

That Joy Reid’s weekend show “AM Joy” on MSNBC has lasted as long as it has is one of cable news television’s most enduring mysteries, but nevertheless it’s still on and still ripe for mockery from conservative TV talk show hosts like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and commentators like Mark Steyn.


Such was the case Monday night, when Carlson showcased a bizarre segment from Reid’s Sunday program in which she and a group of liberal panelists wondered what would happen if Trump was impeached, convicted, and then decided he wasn’t going to leave office.

The panicked hostess said Trump has “joked” about not leaving office in the past, but that dictators in other parts of the world actually followed through on not leaving after making such jokes. Reid and her panel of unhinged leftists even worried that Trump would lobby for a third term, and would get support from his base to do it.

It was a pretty “out there” conversation, even for Reid’s show, as you’ll see once you watch the video. But Mark Steyn, who is a frequent guest of Carlson’s, zeroed in on what the segment really demonstrated about Democrats and their inability to accept any election result in which Trump wins. He went on to suggest that there’s only one way they’ll accept the results of the 2020 election, and that’s if Trump loses it:

Steyn told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that those comments and another discussion during the MSNBC program show the left has effectively skipped from accusing Trump of “stealing” the 2016 election to undermining the election to replace him, should the president serve two terms.

“Joy Reid has finally figured it out,” Steyn remarked. “While the Democrats have been distracted investigating Trump for stealing the 2016 election, he has already stolen the 2024 election. That is how smart he is.”


In response, Steyn told Carlson the example reminded him of the Medieval “ducking stool.”

“If a woman went under the water and came up breathing, that proved she was a witch. If the woman drowned, that proved she was innocent, but she was already dead,” he said. “… For the Democrats, the only way that Trump can prove he’s innocent on the ducking stool is to lose an election.”


Watch Carlson’s report on the Reid segment, and then the hilarious exchange between Carlson and Steyn afterwards below:

What I found especially amusing about Reid’s fever swamps rant is how she made it in the context of a hypothetical scenario in which Trump doesn’t accept impeachment and a conviction. This is really funny when you consider how the reality of it is is that it’s the left who have demonstrated they can’t accept election results where they don’t come out the winner (see the 2000 election, the 2016 election, and the Georgia and Florida 2018 gubernatorial elections for more info).

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