Hilarity Ensues After Jen Rubin Says America Is 'Indebted' to Democrats for Push to Impeach President Trump

Jennifer Rubin Screen grab of Jennifer Rubin via MSNBC.

In the midst of the political craziness we’re subjected to on a daily basis, one person to turn to if you need a good laugh is Jennifer Rubin.


The Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist is prone to fits of gushing over liberal Democrats and their efforts to impeach President Trump. But as for any Republican against the left’s impeachment efforts? They’re on her naughty list.

For example, just last month, Rubin proudly declared she would “never vote for any R who does not support impeachment and removal. That means practically none of the current generation.”

Her mentions lit up with people laughing out loud, as if she really thought her tweet was supposed to be a surprise, and/or sound like a serious threat that Republicans should actually care about.

This weekend, her Twitter mentions lit up again after she promoted her most recent column in which she wrote about who she believes were “distinguished persons of the week” last week. They were Democrats, of course, including Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, and “all the Democratic House candidates and the voters who turned out to elect them in 2018” because, ya know, if not for them the impeachment of Orange Man Bad would not be possible:

Shortly thereafter, the calling-out commenced:


This one probably sums it up best:

Sadly, Rubin has been off the deep end for quite some time now. Watch this video clip from earlier this year where she actually said with a straight face that voters looking for more centrist candidates for office should look to Democrats:


It’s one thing to declare yourself a Never Trumper. But promoting Democrats to own the cons just because you don’t like Trump goes way beyond that and shows you probably weren’t that much of a “conservative Republican” to begin with.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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