Fast Food Worker in North Carolina Fired After Refusing to Serve Police Officer

Cook Out restaurant Screen grab via CBS 17.

Two Roxboro, NC Cook Out employees are out of a job this week after one was fired for allegedly refusing to serve a police officer. The other one, the manager, was let go because she was told she didn’t “take control of the situation.”


WTVD reports:

A local fast food restaurant is facing some backlash after an employee allegedly refused to serve a law enforcement officer.

A cashier at a Roxboro ‘Cook Out’ – is now accused of refusing to serve men and women in uniform.

Town officials tell Eyewitness News that the cashier is now off the job.

“We’re saddened that an employee denied service to a police officer. We promote unity,” Roxboro Police Chief David Hess said. “Unfortunately, it’s all because of a small action that could have been avoided.”

Chief David Hess says last week his colleague Kenneth Horton, an army vet and veteran police officer, visited a Cook Out restaurant on Madison Boulevard. But was denied service from one particular cashier.

The fired manager told WNCN that the employee who refused to serve the officer went and asked another employee to wait on him. She said the officer then walked away after asking what happened to the original cashier who was going to take his order.

The manger said she wasn’t aware of what was going on until long after everything happened, but was let go by Cook Out for not “taking control of the situation.”

The Roxboro police department says they did not take this issue up with Cook Out, that it was a decision Cook Out made on their own.

Watch the news segment from WNCN featuring comments from the fired manager below:

As I’ve written before, it still floors me when I think about the fact that the people who refuse service or who otherwise give shoddy/disrespectful service to our military veterans and/or law enforcement officers actually think they can get away with it.


According to the now-fired manager, the employee had the right to ask a co-worker to wait on a customer. That may be so, but there’s a big difference between asking your co-worker to help the next person in line and refusing to serve the person because they’re a member of law enforcement or the military.

I assume this was a case where the employee didn’t want to wait on the officer because she didn’t like police officers. Unfortunately, service industry workers have been emboldened by Resistance™ culture, and act accordingly sometimes. So be it. In the end, though, they will more often than not find out it’s not worth it.

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