Double Whammy: CBS Journo Shuts Down Hillary Clinton, Jen Rubin Over Trump Judicial Nominee Criticism

Screen grab of Jennifer Rubin via MSNBC.
Screen grab of Jennifer Rubin via MSNBC.

It isn’t often that a member of the mainstream media offers up a twofer when it comes to cutting Democrat politicos and liberal/Never Trumper commentators down to size, but that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday when CBS News journalist Jan Crawford went off on both Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Rubin over disparaging comments they made about President Trump’s judicial nominees.


Crawford started out by quoting remarks Clinton made at a Georgetown Law School event Wednesday. Here’s what the failed 2016 Democratic nominee for president said, per the DC Examiner:

“I do think, though, when you’re making decisions as momentous as picking judges for the federal bench, the person you consider should have relevant experience and should be judged qualified to hold the positions,” Clinton said during an event at Georgetown Law School with former President Bill Clinton and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Obviously, that wasn’t a worry with Justice Ginsburg, but we’ve recently seen people largely chosen on the basis of age, and therefore longevity, and political ideology being pushed through despite having no relevant experience.”

Crawford pushed back:


It was at that point Crawford wanted to conclude her argument and get back to watching game 7 of the World Series:

But Rubin had other plans:

Rubin then tweeted several links to articles, mostly from left wing or liberally biased websites (naturally) that talked about the supposedly “unqualified” judges Trump had been nominating to the bench, including this link:

Crawford wasn’t having it:

Rubin’s response to that tweet didn’t sit well with Crawford, either:

Rubin continued on, but Crawford persisted, too, and reminded Rubin of SCOTUS Justice Kagan’s lack of bench experience:


Predictably, Rubin proclaimed Kagan was an exception to the rule because of course:

Crawford, however, got the final word:

Rubin had run away from the argument by that point.

Sadly, Rubin has been off the unhinged deep end for a long time now. Watch this video clip from earlier this year where she actually said with a straight face that voters looking for more centrist candidates for office should look to Democrats:


Just … incredible.

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