Hilarious: NC Man CNN Interviews at State Fair Is Many of Us When It Comes to Impeachment News Coverage (Video)

A scene from the North Carolina state fair. Screen grab via CNN.
NC state fair
A scene from the North Carolina state fair. Screen grab via CNN.

CNN sent correspondent Martin Savidge to my beloved state of North Carolina this week to ask voters their thoughts on the impeachment inquiry drama currently playing out in Washington, D.C.


As House Intel Chair Adam Schiff’s show trial inquiry has been described by Republicans like Rep. Lee Zeldin (NY) as nothing more than a “clown show” process, it would seem fitting that the choice of venue for the interviews was … the state fair.

Before we get started on what the voters said, let’s take a quick look at the beauty of it all – from the ferris wheel at sunset to the bacon stand where, of course, the bacon options are plentiful:

Most of the voters Savidge talked to were either against impeaching Trump or ambivalent about it. One of the voters talked about how he did not like the secrecy of it all. Here’s a partial transcript:

SAVIDGE: Here, you can satisfy your wildest deep-fried dreams. We’ve come to measure voter appetite for impeachment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it’s a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

SAVIDGE: Do you think the president did anything wrong?

JIM UZZLE, NORTH CAROLINA VOTER: I don’t think he’s broken the law and I wish they would do right for America versus wasting their money, our money on a lost cause.

SAVIDGE: Most of the Trump supporters we talked to were unmoved by days of explosive testimony and revelations against the president.

Do you think it changes the minds of Trump supporters?

JEFF MASON, NORTH CAROLINA VOTER: I do not. The ones of us who support him will continue to support him. If you look at the economy, there’s no way to design that weir doing pretty amazing.
RICH BLEWITT, NORTH CAROLINA VOTER: If it was out in the open and everything was discussed and he did something wrong, impeach the guy. I just don’t like the secrecy. It just sounds wrong the way they’re going about it, that’s all.


It was the last voter, a Trump supporter, who stole the segment. When Savidge asked him if he followed the impeachment news closely, here’s how the voter answered:

SAVIDGE: Joe Miller did vote for Trump. Do you follow this?

JOE MILLER, NORTH CAROLINA VOTER: Not much. I try not to, actually.

SAVIDGE: How do you avoid it? It seems to be everywhere.

MILLER: I watch a lot of ESPN.

Heh. I set the video to start at his comments. Click below to watch:

Now my critics will complain that I’m saying voters should stay in the dark on what’s going on in the world by avoiding watching the news. Not so. I just know that as someone who covers this stuff every day, sometimes it’s nice to be able to avoid all the drama and spin, even if just for a few hours. Especially when we’re talking about watching the type of “news” programming that comes from national media outlets like CNN.

And it’s not even so much by watching ESPN as an alternative, either, because even they get political sometimes. Maybe watch some ID channel. Or HGTV, or some YouTube organizing videos, or …

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