"Journalist" Gets Torched After Demanding Republican SCIF "Invaders" Be Investigated for Foreign Allegiances

CREDIT: Brandon Morse, copyright RedState.com.
CREDIT: Brandon Morse, copyright RedState.com.

Nick wrote yesterday about how House Republicans who are frustrated by the secretive nature of the so-called “impeachment inquiry” process decided to stop talking about it and took action, storming the SCIF room where Schiff was conducting his show trial witness tampering witness questioning.


High drama, of course, ensued, with Schiff and Co. scurrying away with the witness while the fed up Republicans staged a sit-in, hoping to negotiate with Schiff for full access to witnesses and transcripts. Unfortunately they weren’t successful, but they did eat pretty good while in the midst of the stand-off.

One of the biggest “concerns” for Democrats and reporters who were present for the goings-on yesterday was whether or not any of the House Republicans and staffers who stormed the highly-secured area had taken any audio or video, which would be a no-no since cell phones are not allowed in the room:

One former CBS journalist in particular was enraged, and demanded serious action be take against the Republican “invaders”, including questioning them for possible foreign allegiances:


Leavitt, an “award-winning multimedia journalist” according to his Twitter bio and whose credits include CBS (though he was never an employee), got read the riot act by Twitter users:

CNN national security/legal analyst Susan Hennessey, who is no fan of Republicans, wrote a Twitter thread noting that in the scheme of things, Republicans bringing their phones into the SCIF was not really much of a “security compromise.” That probably won’t be enough for David Leavitt types, but then again really nothing would be for Club Resistance™.


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