Facts First: CNN's Jake Tapper Dishonestly Insinuated Josh Hawley Is an Anti-Semite and It Did Not Go Well

Josh Hawley

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., arrives for a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019, for Attorney General nominee William Barr. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


On Monday, Kira Davis wrote about an appallingly snobbish opinion piece written by former USDA research economist Andrew Crane-Droesch criticizing what he says is the Trump administration’s poor treatment of the agency and their decision to move it to Missouri.

In the article, which was published by the Washington Post, Crane-Droesch stated, without evidence, that the department “didn’t need to sit next to a corn field to analyze agricultural policy, and [agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue] knew that.”

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) blasted the piece in a tweet, saying “surely nobody could be that condescending & elitist” to think working in Missouri should be considered “punishment”:

This legitimate criticism started a bizarre series of tweets that ended up with CNN anchor/journalist Jake Tapper insinuating that Hawley was … an anti-Semite. Here’s how it got started:

Greg Sargent, a longtime blogger who writes for the liberal Plum Line page at the Washington Post, chimed in and snidely responded to Hawley’s tweet about Crane-Droesch’s piece by attacking the person instead of the substance of his argument:


Hawley clapped back, continuing to hammer home the point about liberal elitism, and noting that Sargent basically was proving his point:

Sargent was so fauxfended by Hawley’s remarks to him that he wrote a post at the WaPo explaining how he was right and the Senator was wrong.

Tapper retweeted the piece, and for some reason thought he’d be performing a public service by adding that Sargent was Jewish – which apparently no one knew but him (not even Sargent noted it in his piece):


Hawley did not let up in the face of the smear attempt:

Tapper actually thought he was helping himself in a follow-up tweet responding to Hawley, but all he did was insult the intelligence of everyone reading him who knew exactly what he was hinting at with his original tweet:

Twitter users, including some who are Jewish, ripped Tapper for making the insinuation Hawley was an anti-Semite:


I should note for the record that one thing Tapper conveniently left out of his tweet about Sargent is that Sargent is actually a liberal opinion writer, not a “journalist” in the sense that Tapper is. Tapper would have you think Hawley was just another Republican attacking a supposedly objective member of the mainstream media for writing something he didn’t like.

Sargent is technically a “journalist” only in the sense that he does original reporting here and there. That’s why the Washington Post lists him as an “opinion writer” instead of a journalist.


Tapper would never refer to a conservative writer as a “journalist” – he’d label them a conservative opinion writer to clue people in on their angle. That he simply referred to Sargent as a “journalist” without noting he was someone who was liberally biased and who typically attacks politicians from that angle was also dishonest by omission.

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