NYT Editorial Board Member Accidentally Provides Rationale for Why Trump Shouldn't Cave to Media Mobs

On Monday, Brad Slager wrote about the controversial video that aired at a recent gathering of President Trump’s supporters at a Trump resort in Miami and how the mainstream media and Democrats erupted in outrage over it.


Through his press secretary Stephanie Grisham, we learned Trump “strongly condemns” the doctored video that shows Trump shooting the media, liberal activists, and Democratic politicians, even though he wasn’t responsible for creating it, having it created, sharing it, or in any other way promoting it.

But that wasn’t enough for media firefighters like New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay, who stated Monday afternoon that it was hard to believe he didn’t actually see the video and enjoy what he saw:

Gay, who got blasted by Sen. Ted Cruz in July over after she acted stupidly by telling him that “Frederick Douglass’ name … has no business in your mouth”, was not the only member of the mainstream media who blamed Trump for a video he had nothing to do with. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin also took to the airwaves, demanding Trump issue a statement himself condemning the video rather than speaking through his press secretary.


Note below that CNN labeled the video a “Trump video” even though, again, Trump had nothing to do with its creation or dissemination:

This just goes to show you’re danged if you do and danged if you don’t if you’re a Republican. Trump condemned the video before he even saw it, according to his press secretary, but that wasn’t enough for the same anti-Trump mainstream media who have worked in concert with Democrats to amplify calls for his impeachment since before he was even elected president.

Even had he condemned it directly it still wouldn’t be enough for the media mobs, who would have spent days dissecting what he said to prove he didn’t really mean it, didn’t really own up to “his part” (though he had none as it relates to this video), and/or deliberately left out things they believe should have been said.


Republicans simply can’t win with the left wing media, which is why Trump typically doesn’t even bother trying.

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