'The Force' Smacks Down Mark Hamill Bigly After Cheap Shot Made at Expense of Ivanka Trump's Son

FILE – This file image released by Lucasfilm shows Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” (John Wilson/Lucasfilm via AP, File)


Who sits around on the Internet and looks for ways to take cheap shots at politicians and their politically active adult offspring at the expense of their young children?

Liberal Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, that’s who.

Ivanka Trump posted a cute picture of her family to her Twitter account over the weekend that included her youngest son dressed in a cute Star Wars stormtrooper costume. It’s a Halloween costume that has been popular for decades, especially among little boys.

“The Force is strong in my family. ⭐️” Trump tweeted:

Instead of “coexisting” by way of putting politics aside for five minutes to give an “attaboy” to the young man for the costume, the actor also known as “Luke Skywalker” decided to play nasty:

Needless to say, ‘The Force’ was not with him on this one:


The next day, he tried to walk it back but his fan club liked his original comments better and let him know it:

Sadly, Hamill was not the only member of the Hollywood liberal elite who took the low road:

Dunking on Trump’s grandchildren because Orange Man Bad. About as low as it gets.

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