Abortion Activist Alyssa Milano Defends Death Row Inmates, Says They Are "Actual People" Unlike Unborn Babies

When it comes to priorities, you’d think a person like actress Alyssa Milano who paints herself as a compassionate leftist who cares about protecting the innocent and vulnerable in this country would actually do something to prove their commitment.


Such is not the case with Milano, who on Thursday put a disturbing twist on an old, tiresome liberal argument about the death penalty vs. abortion.

2020 presidential candidate and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) posted a Tweet yesterday noting she was prepared to take executive action if elected president on the issue of gun rights, because “thoughts and prayers are not enough”

Milano responded that she was fully on board with that idea. But another Twitter user reminded her of her support for abortion, which has killed far more innocent lives than gun violence:

The pro-abortion mouthpiece did not like that reminder, and fired back by suggesting pro-lifers were hypocritical on the issue of life by referencing the recent reinstatement of the federal death penalty by the Trump administration, and declaring that death row inmates are “actual people”, unlike unborn babies:


She was promptly called out on her phony (and disturbing) comparison by other Twitter users:


The arguments did not phase Milano, however. She doubled down in the comments:

Bless her heart.

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