#WarOnWomen: Minneapolis Star Tribune in Hot Water After Publishing Sexist Cartoon of Ivanka Trump

On Tuesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published a cartoon by cartoonist Steve Sack that has people accusing the paper of sexism and hypocrisy.

The cartoon featured a big-lipped Ivanka Trump and what Sack apparently feels is her limited knowledge base: a lot about shopping, her husband and her father, and only a very tiny bit about international diplomacy:


Twitter users were quick to point out the double standards of both the paper, which is liberally biased, and Sack:

Can we expect the normally perpetually outraged feminist left to rush to Trump’s defense and accuse the news outlet and its cartoonist of setting women back decades? Of course not:


Is there any question that this cartoon was inspired by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s catty swipe at Ivanka Trump last week after her appearance at the G-20 summit? Nope:

That AOC thinks she’s got some unique and special standing to criticize someone else’s qualifications for public service is laughable in and of itself.

Curiously enough, the Strib is perfectly willing to run interference over and over again for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) over her alleged tax and immigration fraud scandals, yet allows garbage sexist takes like Sack’s to be published in their paper without hesitation.


BTW, this isn’t the first time Sack has taken sexist cheap shots at Ivanka Trump:

Ironically, Sack did a cartoon a year or so ago about the issue of sexist portrayals of women by public figures:

As usual, Sack’s just one on a long list of “enlightened” leftists who don’t practice what they preach. Go figure.

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