Video: Jake Tapper Gets AOC to Essentially Admit She Had No Intentions of Supporting *Any* Border Funding Bill

As I wrote yesterday, it’s been utterly appalling to watch House and Senate Democrats play political games on the border issue for the last several months, first denying there was a crisis at the border and then all of a sudden saying there was and that it was Trump’s fault when things got progressively worse.


It’s been even more maddening that the mainstream media has allowed them to get away with their duplicity, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in particular.

On Thursday, however, one journalist stepped up to the plate and interviewed Ocasio-Cortez on the battle over the much-needed humanitarian aid that would help alleviate some of the issues the Congresswoman has complained about.

Jake Tapper from CNN had AOC on as a guest to talk about her steadfast refusal to vote in favor of a border funding bill in spite of the fact that she has been one of the more vocal critics of the deteriorating conditions on the ground. His line of questions on the House bill versus the Senate bill led to a pretty embarrassing self-own for Ocasio-Cortez.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We passed a House version of this bill which had far more humanitarian provisions and accountability for the facilities that are abusing our kids at our border and Mitch McConnell immediately smacked it down in order to pass a Senate bill that has an enormous amount of funding for [the] military” she continued.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked, “But congresswoman, didn’t you vote against the House bill as well?”

“I did, I did,” she responded.

On Monday night, Ocasio-Cortez was insisting she could never support the Pelosi-supported emergency assistance bill.

John Sexton at Hot Air also noticed:


Jake Tapper asked AOC about not voting for the House bill she is outraged didn’t pass in the Senate. She admits her no vote was about abolishing ice. To his credit, Tapper points out that opposing the Senate bill and the House bill makes it seem like she’s more concerned about sending signals on her progressive issues than getting help to CBP and the kids who need it. AOC says she wanted a clean bill with no riders and poison pills. So why did she demand that Pelosi add stuff to the House bill that made it less palatable to the Senate? She literally did the opposite of what she says she wanted to see here, i.e. a clean bill where people are thinking about kids instead of politics.


Watch the video clips below to see how she tries and fails to use pretzel logic to explain her position:


Unfortunately for AOC, the “message” that she’s sent with her duplicitous behavior on the border crisis is that she’s more interested in virtue signaling and playing politics with people’s lives than actually trying to help suffering kids and families at the border. She exposed herself when she endorsed the campaign to get Wayfair to stop selling beds to the government to use for kids at the border to sleep on, and she exposed herself again in her interview with Tapper.

It’s about d*mned time a journalist called her out.

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