Disabled Woman Tweets Epic Thread Demonstrating the Absurdity of Plastic Straw Bans - and Her Rant Goes Viral

Do you know anyone – or have you ever met anyone – who is in favor of plastic straw bans?

My experiences are anecdotal, to be sure, but I don’t know nor have I ever met a single person who is okay with them. Though some seem resigned to the inevitability of it happening in their city and/or state on down the road, they’re still not crazy about the idea. Seems invasive. Unnecessary.


Yesterday on Twitter, a user by the name of “moe” tweeted a lengthy rant on trying to obtain a plastic straw at a restaurant she was at with her dad Thursday morning, and how humiliating the experience was for her. Here’s what she said happened:


She also tweeted a graphic demonstrating why single-use plastic straws are the best option for many disabled individuals. Apparently environmentalists came after her, because in the next couple of tweets she clapped back regarding her green habits:

Read the full thread, unrolled, here. As of this writing, the first tweet in the thread has gotten nearly 18,000 retweets and close to 70,000 likes.

I assume the restaurant in question was either following some city or state law about plastic straw use in restaurants, or had their own individual policy on the matter.

Either way, there are a number of things wrong here.

1) No one should have to beg for a plastic straw in a dining establishment. No one.

2) A disabled person should not have to “prove” their disability in order to obtain a plastic straw. Period.


3) People should not have to carry their own personal “straw stash” with them to restaurants. It’s ridiculous.

4) Assuming someone doesn’t care about the environment simply because they prefer to use plastic straws is absurd.

There are many reasons why plastic straw bans are unnecessary. “Moe” tweeted a big one. Another big reason why is the fact that plastic straws only make up a super, duper tiny percentage of the plastic that is actually out there in the environment:

The concern most often cited is the problem of pollution. But plastic pollution represents only a small fraction of all litter, and plastic straws comprise only a small fraction of plastic. A Bloomberg estimate suggests that if every single plastic straw discarded on a beach were swept into the sea all at once, those straws would represent 0.3 percent of all ocean plastic pollution in a year. If cities want to attack pollution, there are far more meaningful efforts that could be undertaken. Of plastic waste that moves from land to ocean, the United States accounts for only 0.9 percent worldwide, according to the International Solid Waste Association. The top five offenders are China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, which together account for 54.5 percent of mismanaged plastic waste globally. The problem is not in Seattle.


Ultimately, the environmentalist left’s straw bans are little more than virtue signaling on steroids. The government-mandated bans are an unnecessary inconvenience, especially for the disabled.

Free the plastic straws!

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