Ghoul Alert: 'Teen Vogue' Instructs Young Girls on How to Get Abortions - Without Parental Consent

I’m not sure what’s worse: Teen Vogue sexualizing 9-year-old drag queen boys, the magazine publishing a “guide to anal sex“, or a more recent story they did advising teenage girls how to get abortions without parental consent:


The magazine has a monthly “Down to Find Out” advice column, which is maintained by feminist writer Nona Willis Aronowitz, who was super-excited to announce her column gig last month:

In her latest column, Aronowitz advises a 16-year-old girl on how to get an abortion – without the consent of her parents:

Q: I’m 16, I’m pregnant, and I don’t want to be. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to get an abortion without my parents’ permission, but I’m really scared to tell them because they are both against abortion. What should I do?

Aronowitz, who is also the author of a subscription-only newsletter called “F*cking Through the Apocalypse”, told the teen she once had been a pregnant teenager, too – but had pro-abortion parents who helped her obtain access to Plan B “without judging or admonishing” her. Other teens weren’t so lucky, she lamented. But according to Aronowitz, that shouldn’t deter a teenager from getting an abortion (bolded emphasis added):


And it’s only logical that if teens are mature enough to become parents, they are mature enough to decide whether or not they want to give birth. Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.

Noting that 37 states have some form of parental consent laws on the books, Aronowitz advised:

If you live in one of the handful of states in which a minor can get an abortion without parental involvement — and if you don’t want to tell your parents — you’re all set. But if the law does require that your parents are involved, it’s time for some soul-searching about how you think they’ll react when confronted directly with their pregnant child’s desire to not be.

Aronowitz first advised that teenage girls whose parents are not pro-choice to try and tell them anyway, unless they felt like they would be in danger or kicked out of the house. If they did, Aronowitz suggested the teens go for what’s called a “judicial bypass procedure”:

If yes, there is a legal option in 36 states that would let you get an abortion without parental approval called a judicial bypass procedure — an infantilizing holdup to which nobody should have to resort. The process for a judicial bypass is different in every state, but in each case that it’s an option, it involves a minor testifying before a judge and receiving court approval to access abortion care without telling their parents.

Whether or not a state requires a judicial bypass, Aronowitz lets her teen readers know they can contact a local abortion fund if they need help paying for their abortion (without their parent’s knowledge, of course). She also urged young girls “talk to another adult” about what they are going through if they don’t want to talk to their parents.


In response to Aronowitz’s column, Twitter users let her have it:


That would certainly be a switch!

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