Tolerance: Antifa Ghouls Arrested for Allegedly Shoving and Throwing Urine on Pro-Lifers at Boston March for Life

Boston pro-lifers held their annual March for Life rally over the weekend, but instead of being able to march in peace, they were confronted by a violent and organized mob of pro-abortion protesters. Some of the protesters were wearing masks, which is a hallmark of the Antifa movement.


Life News reports:

The incidents occurred during the Massachusetts Citizens for Life annual march, where a record-breaking crowd demonstrated in defense of babies in the womb.

WBZ-TV Boston reports police arrested seven people after a small group of abortion activists clashed with the pro-life crowd.

C.J. Williams, community engagement director for the pro-life organization, told the Boston Herald that two men shoved her and shouted expletives at the crowd. She said she was setting up the sound system when the two men, who were much bigger than her, pushed her.

She said at another point, someone threw urine and a slushie on one of their speakers.

“Ironically when I tried to find common ground or start a conversation, it was men who blocked the dialogue,” Williams said in an email. “While the irony made for an interesting story, we hope next year’s discussion will be more civil.”

Here’s video of the immediate aftermath of one incident involving an unknown liquid (maybe the slushie?) substance being thrown on a pro-life activist. You can see the protester the police have detained on the ground is wearing a mask.

You can also hear in the background one of the pro-abortion protesters using their bullhorn in an attempt to incite a “Cops and Klan go hand in hand” chant as one of the black officers tries to help regain control the scene:


Another video clip at a wider angle shows agitators, some of them masked, trying to provoke pro-lifers and law enforcement officers (language warning):

The seven arrests for alleged acts of violence come on the heels of the escalation of harassment and assaults against pro-life activists in states around the country in recent months, including Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

I eagerly await the mainstream media’s declaration that these disturbing incidents targeting right-to-life advocates are part of nationwide epidemic. But I won’t hold my breath.

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