Video: #TBT to That Glorious Moment Tucker Carlson Called out Michael Avenatti on His Exploitation of Stormy Daniels

Show host Tucker Carlson and lawyer Michael Avenatti spar. - 9/13/18. Screen grab via Fox News.
Tucker Carlson and Michael Avenatti
Show host Tucker Carlson and lawyer Michael Avenatti spar – 9/13/18. Screen grab via Fox News.

In light of the latest round of federal indictments liberal icon Michael Avenatti was hit with, now is a great time to take a trip down memory lane to the infamous showdown between the disgraced attorney and Fox News‘s Tucker Carlson from last fall.


It was September 13, 2018. The interview was highly contentious, as the transcript and video both make clear.

But a key moment from the segment was Carlson calling Avenatti out on his exploitation of porn star Stormy Daniels, which almost everyone in America could see outside of the Avenatti-adoring mainstream media and Daniels herself.

Here’s the exchange between Carlson and Avenatti:

CARLSON: So you’re – you’re the protector of Stormy Daniels. Stormy Daniels is right now working in strip clubs in little towns on stage. People are throwing things at her. You’re wearing a $1,000 suit. Why is you – why are you not paying her?

You’ve profited from Stormy Daniels. You’ve done tens of millions dollars’ worth of free media on the basis of your relationship with her and she’s working in strip clubs. You’re exploiting her, and you know that. Why aren’t you paying her some of what you’re making?

AVENATTI: Sir, this is absurd. I have not exploited.

CARLSON: It’s not absurd. Those are the facts.

AVENATTI: No. You don’t know the facts as evidenced by the fact that you don’t even know–

CARLSON: Is she working in strip clubs?

AVENATTI: Are you going to continue to interrupt me or you’re going to let me finish?

CARLSON: I do know the facts, actually.

Watch the video below:


When you’re right, you’re right. Tucker was essentially the only talk show host willing to confront Avenatti on this issue, because so many other show hosts and mainstream media types were too busy hanging on to his every word because he was gonna be the guy who finally got Trump.

As it turns out, not only did he not succeed against the President, he failed Daniels badly and as the indictments made clear this week, he may have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from her, too.

I don’t feel sorry for this clown. Not one bit.

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