Farage Fallout: Burger King UK Accused of Promoting Political Violence in Scotland With Tweets Promoting "Fun" Milkshakes

British politician Nigel Farage, in the aftermath of a milkshake attack in Newcastle. Screen grab via The AP.
Nigel Farage
British politician Nigel Farage, in the aftermath of a milkshake attack in Newcastle on Monday 5/20/19. Screen grab via The AP.

“Milkshaking” right-wing politicians you don’t like in the UK has become a thing thanks to so-called “Remainers” who oppose the “Brexit” movement, led by British politician Nigel Farage.


The Washington Post explains, while painting a very flattering and heroic picture of the milkshakers:

LONDON — Angry Brits are fighting against hate speech and unpopular right-wing campaigners with an unlikely weapon: the milkshake.

In recent weeks, the act of “milkshaking” has become a symbol of protest on British soil, with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage becoming the latest target in a string of attacks that have seen dairy-based drinks dashed at controversial European election candidates during events across the country.

Farage had only been campaigning in the city of Newcastle for around 20 minutes on Monday when a 32-year-old man hurled a drink at him, covering his suit in a sticky liquid that the attacker later confirmed was a banana and salted caramel milkshake from Five Guys that cost him 5.25 pounds ($6.68).


UKIP European election candidate Carl Benjamin and former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson have also been milkshaked by disapproving protesters in similar style attacks.

Watch video of the Farage incident below. You can hear people laughing at Farage in the aftermath as he’s walking away – and understandably upset:

The perp behind the milkshake throw says he doesn’t regret it:

Farage tweeted about the incident later in the day:


As a result of past incidents of this nature, authorities in Edinburgh asked a local McDonald’s not to sell milkshakes this past Friday ahead of a planned Farage event:

Police ordered a McDonald’s in Scotland to stop selling milkshakes over fears people would dunk them over Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, staff said, after a flurry of incidents have left prominent far-right activists doused in the creamy liquid.

Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, was holding an event in Edinburgh on Friday ahead of next week’s European elections.
But police were concerned that protesters would buy milkshakes from a McDonald’s a few hundred meters away with the intention of pouring them on the hardline Brexiteer’s head.

In response, Burger King UK tweeted this out, prompting some to suggest they were encouraging the milkshakers:


Brandon Darby called out the restaurant chain for their disturbing tweets on the issue and noted the larger point is how dangerous these attacks could ultimately end up being not just to the politicians who are attacked but to the attackers themselves:

Other Twitter users bizarrely came to the defense of Burger King, while others joined Brandon in calling them out – as Sam from Twitchy documented here.

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