Woke: Cal Poly Faculty Votes to Kick 25-Year-Old Chick-Fil-A off Campus, but University Officials Struck Back

The Chick-fil-A at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. Screen grab via CFA.
CFA at Mercedes Benz Stadium
The Chick-fil-A at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. Screen grab via CFA.

The loony left’s war on Chick-fil-A continues, and this time it has hit the campus of Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.


The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Faculty that make up the campus organization point to Chick-Fil-A Foundation’s history of donating to anti-LGBT causes, noting that its values are not consistent with those of the university.

In a vote Tuesday, the vast majority of the academic senate (38 out of 44) opted to recommend getting rid of the chicken chain’s location despite its 25-year tenure on campus.

According to the campus newspaper Mustang News, academic Senate Vice Chair Thomas Gutierrez argued passionately in favor of the restaurant’s removal, comparing it to Hooters and porn magazines:

Gutierrez said Cal Poly already filters their vendors based on their values and there is no reason Chick-fil-A should be an exception.

“We don’t sell pornography in the bookstore and we don’t have a Hooters on campus — we already pre-select those kind of things based on our existing values,” Gutierrez said. “This is a similar thing, the difference is we’re actually profiting from this. So our money, every dollar a student is spending at Chick-fil-A, is going to these causes that are in violation of our values.”

Though the faculty’s vote was overwhelmingly in favor of removing Chick-fil-A, a university spokesman said that fighting intolerance with intolerance is not the best way to handle the situation:


While university administration passionately disagrees with the values of some of the organizations the president of Chick-fil-A has chosen to make personal donations to, we do not believe in responding to intolerance with intolerance. Rather, we must model our values of inclusion – that means upholding the rights of others to have different perspectives and ensuring there is space in our community for differing viewpoints and ideologies, even those that may be in direct conflict with our own. – Matt Lazier

He also stated that the restaurant was popular with students (it had record sales numbers last year) and did not have a history of discrimination on campus.

In fact, the restaurant chain is on track to become the “third-biggest U.S. restaurant chain by sales” in the country, as Red State‘s Brandon Morse noted yesterday.

Ultimately it will be up to Cal Poly SLO university President Jeffrey Armstrong to decide if the restaurant stays or goes. Based on the university spokesman’s statements, though, it doesn’t appear the restaurant has anything to worry about.

Besides, the school really has more important things to worry about – like how their new logo resembles a hammer and sickle:

Cal Poly spent $340,000 on rebranding and, as often happens with such efforts, the new logo is being ridiculed.

Unveiled last week at the campus — California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo — the logo was revamped partly so it would look better on small digital screens.

The simplified academic shield drops three of previous images, keeping only the one depicting a quill and a hammer. The items are intended to represent the motto “learn by doing” (which is now in English rather than Latin).

To some, the icon resembles the hammer and sickle on the old Soviet flag. And the added element, a sunset behind Bishop Peak, has been criticized as reminiscent of the Imperial Japanese Army’s Rising Sun flag.



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