Paging Brian Stelter: Biden Campaign Ripped Over Reports They Are Blocking Journalists

screencap from Reliable Sources

Freelance journalist Marcus DiPaola took to the Twitter machine yesterday to express serious concerns over what he says is the Biden campaign’s growing penchant for blocking reporters from having access to the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.


DiPaola wrote:

He went on to say that even though Biden and his handlers kept trying to steer him away from answering journalists, the journalists ultimately won the battle:


DiPaola was asked to name some of the other reporters who were having issues getting access to Biden. He explained why he couldn’t:

Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim highlighted DiPaola’s Twitter thread, and the comments to her tweet went about as you’d expect:

What makes no sense is why they would block access? Biden’s gotten mostly positive press since well before he officially declared his candidacy, even with the wave of allegations of inappropriate touching that have been made against him over the last few weeks.

CNN’s Brian Stelter has anointed himself as a paragon of journalistic virtue and the ultimate decider on what is and is not a legitimate threat from politicians to freedom of the press. He also fancies himself as a valiant defender of journalists themselves.


So I’m wondering when he’ll get around to covering this story?

As of this writing, there’s nothing at all on his social media feeds on it. There’s a whole lot of tweets and stories related to fact-checking the Trump administration, but strangely enough, nothing on the reports from DiPaola about the Biden campaign physically blocking reporters from covering a presidential candidate.

Odd, that. I mean, hello? The future of our democracy is at stake and stuff.

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