Seriously? Virginia Democrats Are Having Second Thoughts on How They Handled February Scandals

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I wish I could say I was surprised by this, but I’m not.

It’s been roughly two months since Gov. Ralph Northam’s black face scandal and two months since Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax was hit with sexual assault allegations by two women. As time has passed on, they – along with Attorney Gen. Mark Herring – seem to have weathered the storms.


Polling taken just a few weeks after the various firestorms indicated the likelihood that they would survive.

There’s no other explanation why this is happening except for one thing: They’re Democrats, and they are held to different (lower) standards than everyone else.

To make matters worse, just this week we’re learning that some Virginia Democratic lawmakers are actually expressing regret for how they handled the scandals when they first broke:

“There were a lot of life lessons” learned from the wreckage in Richmond, said state Sen. Janet Howell (D-32nd). Chief among them? “Don’t rush to judgment.”


State Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st), who was among those to call for resignations only later to backtrack, acknowledged legislators were caught up in a media firestorm. “Statements were made before people even talked to the governor,” said Favola, who long has been an ally of Northam.


“We need to contemplate first,” [Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-30th)] said, noting that the Democratic caucuses and specific legislators “got out ahead of things.”

“Make sure you know your facts, particularly if you know the whole world is watching,” said Del. Mark Levine (D-45th).

To be sure, being judged on decades-old incidents (that don’t involve actual crimes) should give a person pause. We all did things when we were young and stupid that we regret. It doesn’t necessarily make us bad people. In fact, most folks learn from their mistakes as they get older and turn out to be pretty decent people.


Yet it’s Democrats who set the parameters on these types of situations long ago. To be drawn and quartered over things you did in your college days, in your youth. In fact, if they could dig into a Republican’s pre-teen life and use it against them, they would.

In an ideal political world where they abided by their own rules, Northam and Herring should have been held to account -as a Republican would have. Fairfax, by the way, is a separate matter since his issues involve possible criminal conduct.

But since they’re the ones who get to set the parameters, I guess they’re also the ones who get to break them when convenient.

This is the political world we live in. They get to make the rules, and they get to break them. It stinks.

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