AOC Demonstrates Economic Stupidity Once and For All in Tweet Complaining About Croissant Prices at La Guardia

Yesterday was April Fools Day, so it seems fitting that it was the day Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) posted a demonstrably foolish tweet that once and for all proved how clueless she is on economic matters.


Here’s what she whined tweeted about:

The freshman Congresswoman was called out soon after:

It’s true. The minimum wage at La Guardia was raised last year. Gradual increases are in place now for the three Port Authority airports, and by 2023 the minimum will be $19/hour:

The change affects about 40,000 employees at JFK International and LaGuardia airports in New York City, and Newark Liberty International in New Jersey. Newark workers who now earn the $10.45 minimum will make $12.45 starting Nov. 1 [2018], then $15.60 in September 2019.

Those at New York airports will get $13.60 starting Nov. 1 [2018], then $15 when New York’s $15 minimum wage goes into effect on Jan. 1. Pay at all airports will rise annually, to $19 in 2023.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) got in on the Twitter action as well:

It would appear that Ocasio-Cortez just doesn’t understand basic economics:

Ryan Bourne, an economist with the free-market Cato Institute, said that basic economics indicates that costs are passed on to consumers, a phenomenon that tends to be more pronounced in areas where markets are less competitive. “An airport is a clear example of this. A higher minimum wage would therefore lead to higher prices, all else given, because customers have very few options to shop around,” he told the Washington Examiner.


This really is so simple that a member of Congress should be able to figure it out. You’d think so, anyway…

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