CAUGHT: Teen Punk Who Assaulted 81-Year-Old MAGA Hat Wearer Arrested

MAGA hat by R. Nial Bradshaw, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Make America Great Again hat

MAGA hat by R. Nial Bradshaw, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Earlier this week, I wrote about the story of an elderly man who was attacked Monday afternoon in a New Jersey supermarket parking lot after someone became triggered over his MAGA hat.


In an update, police have arrested the 19-year-old punk who they believe committed this crime:

Ryan M. Salvagno is charged with assault, a disorderly persons offense, and harassment, a petty disorderly persons offense, the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office announced on Wednesday. He was arrested the same day.


The victim told officers that as he was exiting the store after purchasing his groceries, a man confronted him regarding his “Make America Great Again” hat, according to the prosecutor’s office.

A brief verbal confrontation ensued, after which the victim attempted to leave the area, authorities said.

As the victim turned to walk away, Salvagno grabbed the victim’s hat and the two struggled for sole possession of the hat, authorities said.

Salvagno then took the victim by the arm and threw him to the ground, tipping over the victim’s cart of groceries and ultimately throwing the hat to the side, authorities said.

Seriously, what kind of depraved creep would do something like this? It would be bad enough to assault someone your own age and size, but to take off after an elderly man because you didn’t like his hat?

That is the definition of unhinged.

Side note: I wonder if law enforcement has video of the assault from a nearby store camera or something?


Salvagno’s arrest comes just days after a Brazilian woman who attacked a MAGA hat wearer in Massachusetts was taken into custody by ICE, who told local media outlets that the woman was in the country illegally.

Image via NBC10 Boston.

And earlier this week, an 18-year-old high school student in Oklahoma got in trouble with school administrators and law enforcement over a bullying incident he appeared to instigate because he was triggered over another student who was wearing MAGA gear.

Screen grab via KFOR.

It’s crazy out there, y’all. Stay safe.

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