MAGAphobia Watch: Oklahoma Teen Bullies Student Over MAGA Flag, Hat

Screen grab via KFOR.
Screen grab via KFOR.

An Edmond Santa Fe High School student is in trouble with school administrators and law enforcement over a bullying incident he appeared to instigate because he was triggered over another student who was wearing MAGA gear.


Oklahoma’s KFOR reports:

“He was being assaulted for, ya know, his beliefs, what he felt what he supports and believes in,” a father’s thoughts when he saw a video of his son getting his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat tipped off and his Trump flag ripped away while walking the halls Monday morning at Edmond Santa Fe.

The incident was brought to the attention of the school resource officer and a municipal summons for assault was issued to the senior that tipped the hat.

“Both parties will sit down with the city attorney office and come up with some type of an agreement, and if an agreement can’t be made, it will be up to the city attorney to move forward with the assault charge,” said Jenny Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department.

A video of what happened was first emailed to the Edmond Sun newspaper, which provided this description of events:

“Take it off or I’ll rip it off,” [Kenneth Dwayne] Jones is heard saying on the video. “Do you want me to rip it off?”

Jones then reaches out and knocks the hat off the other student, and grabbing at the cloth Trump banner. Another student comes between the two, and Jones rips the banner away and throws it on the hallway floor. He then walks away.

The encounter took place during the high school’s Double Wolf Dare Week fundraiser. Students donate a dollar in exchange for a pass to wear headgear during the school day, which is typically not allowed, said Susan Parks Schlepp, school spokeswoman.

“Given that hats were allowed at school yesterday as part of the week-long fundraising events, there was no specific dress code violation,” said Schlepp. “The student’s choice to grab a classmate’s property and knock his hat off did, however, violate the school’s discipline policy.”


Footage of the hallway confrontation has gone viral. Watch below:

This incident comes on the heels of another report just yesterday of someone being assaulted over their MAGA hat. That case involved an 81-year-old New Jersey man who was confronted and attacked Monday. He suffered minor injuries.

Just this month there have been a wave of reported incidents involving Trump fans being harassed, targeted and/or assaulted because of their openly displayed support of the president. In one particularly disturbing case, a gun was pulled on a man inside of a Bowling Green, KY Sam’s Club.

The number of reports surfacing about these attacks are causing some people to want to go out and buy MAGA merch, or wear what they already have, in a show of defiance:


Are you happy now, Alyssa Milano?

The rise in reported cases of these politically motivated assaults are becoming epidemic in nature. We need a national conversation on this issue, right? Over to you, mainstream media.

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