MAGAphobia Alert: 81-Year-Old Man Confronted, Assaulted for Wearing Trump Hat

2/28/19 UPDATE: The perp was arrested!

Good grief. The victim count from all the people being harassed and/or attacked for wearing MAGA hats is rising by the day.


The latest report comes out of New Jersey:

An 81-year-old township man was assaulted after being confronted for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, authorities said.

The man was shopping at an Elizabeth Avenue supermarket around 3:30 p.m. Monday when he was assaulted, Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson said in a news release.

The supermarket where the incident is alleged to have happened is the lone ShopRite location in Franklin Township, NJ.

CBS News New York filed this quick report earlier today:

According to multiple news reports, other details on the attack haven’t been released, and it’s unknown if police have a video recording of the incident in their possession.

The victim is said to have suffered minor injuries but refused any medical attention.

As I’ve written before, this incident follows a number of disturbing instances over the last several weeks of Trump supporters being harassed, threatened, or otherwise targeted while just going about their business.

– In Falmouth, MA, a mojito-drinking woman attacked a diner in local Mexican restaurant because his MAGA hat offended her. But the woman is now facing deportation because ICE says she’s an illegal immigrant.

– In Kentucky, a Tennessee man was carted off to jail after pulling a gun on a MAGA hat wearer shopping at a Sam’s Club.

– A Vans store employee in Overland Park, Kansas was fired after cursing out a teenage customer who was wearing a MAGA hat.


— At a music store in Ohio, a sign on the door urged “Trump sympathizers” to do business elsewhere.

– Fresno, CA high school senior Maddie Mueller was told by her school district that she couldn’t wear her MAGA hat to school because students were only allowed to wear apparel that “promotes a safe and welcoming environment on campus.”

– A celebrity chef in San Mateo, CA reversed course earlier this month over the backlash he received for tweets declaring that his restaurant would not serve MAGA hat wearers.

Authorities are urging anyone with any information on the New Jersey attack to call the Somerset County prosecutor’s office at 908-231-7100, the Somerset County Crime Stoppers line at 1-888-577-TIPS, or the Franklin Township PD at 732-873-5533.

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