Will The Backlash To Kathy Tran's Bill Prove To Be Pivotal in the Abortion Debate?

Can't people who support babies and Pinterest get along?

As the backlash to Virginia Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran’s radical proposed abortion legislation intensifies, it has pro-lifers wondering one thing:

Is this the pivotal moment in the ongoing debate over abortion rights that they’ve been waiting for?


Daily Wire‘s Matt Walsh echoed the sentiments of many in the pro-life community with this tweet last night:

They thought the threshold had been crossed after the release of the disturbing undercover videos of Planned Parenthood from the Center for Medical Progress in 2015. Surely people would come to view ghoulish abortion mills for what they truly were, right?

But the pro-choice mainstream media, along with abortion rights organizations like PP and NARAL, worked aggressively to discredit the videos. They claimed they were “deceptively edited” and “taken out of context.” As a result the myth that the videos painted a distorted and false picture became a phony “reality.”

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals thought otherwise in a recent ruling, though, which gave pro-lifers renewed hope and energy in the debate. National Review‘s Alexandra DeSanctis detailed the ruling here:


In its ruling tonight, the Fifth Circuit not only affirmed [Texas]’s right to terminate its agreement with Planned Parenthood affiliates, but also confirmed that the videos were undoctored. The court noted that an independent forensic firm’s review of the undercover footage found “that the video was authentic and not deceptively edited.” This directly refutes Planned Parenthood’s own false claim.

The ruling also mentioned parts of the video footage in which Planned Parenthood executives had admitted to illegally altering abortion procedures to obtain intact fetuses whose organs could then be sold to medical research firms for greater profit. This included finding ways to circumvent the federal ban on partial-birth abortion, whether by changing the way they performed late-term procedures or by signing a form saying they had not “intended” to retrieve an intact fetus.

I have prayed ever since the day I went from being pro-choice to pro-life for there to be, in my lifetime, a national awakening on the horrors of abortion. For that defining, pivotal moment that we, as a nation, had a wake-up call on the brutality of the so-called “right” to terminate an unborn innocent life.


Quite frankly I didn’t think it would happen because of the stranglehold left-wing feminist groups have on both the mainstream press and Hollywood. But the outpouring of condemnation of Delegate Tran’s bill and the cold and callous defense of it by Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam might just mean that the time has indeed arrived.

Please make it so, Jesus. Please.

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