"FU": Bojangles' Employee Fired After Deputy Receives Biscuit With Nasty Message

Image via Jones County Sheriff’s Office deputy Daniel Pridgen's FB page.
Image via Jones County Sheriff’s Office deputy Daniel Pridgen’s FB page.

A Richlands, North Carolina Bojangles’ employee is out of a job after a sheriff deputy’s post on how he discovered a nasty message on his Bo-Berry biscuit when he got home went viral:


[Jones County Sheriff’s Office deputy Daniel] Pridgen said he was waiting for his food for 25 minutes while in uniform. But it wasn’t his food getting cold that heated Pridgen. It was what was written in icing on his Bo-Berry Biscuit.

One of the two biscuits Pridgen ordered had the letters “FU” written in icing, according to Pridgen. The deputy said he didn’t notice until he got home.

Pridgen posted the photo to Facebook and it quickly gained steam on social media as outrage built.

Pridgen’s original post has since been deleted, but here’s the text of what he wrote Monday (via WTVD):

“I am literally at a loss. How professional Bojangles! It took you 25 minutes to make my food, and as I stand there and wait patiently (in uniform) while my other food is getting cold, this is the thanks I get from the lovely staff of Bojangles in Richlands. Pure hatred, I appreciate it, unfortunately I didn’t notice until I got home to eat. #bojangles’ #itsbotime #tands”

In an interview with the Jacksonville Daily News, Pridgen says he holds no hard feelings towards the popular chicken and biscuit restaurant chain:

“The manager of the restaurant contacted me within 30 minutes of it happening and they said they dealt with it accordingly,” Pridgin said. “So I’ve really got no complaints.”

Pridgen said he understood how the incident was more of a staff issue than a company issue and had nothing to do with the restaurant.


Tands, Inc. Representative Donna Rodwell confirmed in a statement to The Daily News that the employee involved with filling Pridgen’s order was “immediately terminated.”

“This type of behavior is not consistent with our values or our culture, and it will not be tolerated at any Tands restaurant,” Rodwell wrote. “We apologize to anyone who was offended by the actions of this former employee.”


Unfortunately, this is by no means the first time a law enforcement officer has faced derogatory treatment from a food establishment employee. But this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it happening at a Bojangles’ restaurant.

And that’s a very good thing, because just look at this:

It would be really challenging for a lot of us down south to support a boycott if this was part of a pattern at Bo’s restaurants, or if the food chain had not handled this situation the right way.

To repeat: It would be extremely difficult to stay away from all that delicious goodness. Trust me.

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