Repeat 'Peeping Tom' Offender in TN is Targeting Stores That Have "Inclusive" Bathroom Policies

A Tennessee man with a long rap sheet for peeping on women in bathrooms is out on the loose after mistakenly being released from jail after yet another offense:

The Knoxville Police Department is searching for the man accused of peeping in a women’s locker room at a Planet Fitness on Jan. 16, on two warrants for violation of probation.

KPD spokesperson Darrell DeBusk said the warrants were issued because the Jan. 16 offense occurred while James Bradley Josey III was on probation.

He was released from the Knox County Jail after being arrested Tuesday, and KPD is now asking for the public’s help in finding him.

It would appear that Josey, 28, of Knoxville, should not have been released.


The details of what Josey is alleged to have done are frightening:

According to the arrest warrant, 28-year-old James Bradley Josey III from Knoxville was arrested for Invasion of Privacy after watching a woman showering at the North Broadway Planet Fitness.


According to the warrant, Josey entered the gym on Jan. 16 around 4 a.m. and entered the women’s locker room, where he then opened a shower where the victim was nude.

The victim screamed before the suspect ran, and officers said the victim was able to capture a picture of him on her cell phone taken from the security cameras to provide to law enforcement.

Unfortunately, he’s victimized women like this before – and the last time he was caught was at a Target store in Knoxville:

According to court documents, Josey III was in the women’s restroom at Target when a woman looked up and says she saw him looking at her over the stall. The woman told investigators she asked him what he was doing and he allegedly laughed at her, flushed, and took off with his cell phone.

The woman said she chased him out the front and security detained him, the report said.

“She yelled at the individual as she left was running out of the bathroom which drew the attention of employees. They did a very good job of caroling him and keeping him there until we could get there,” said KPD spokesman Darrell DeBusk.

The common denominator with Target and Planet Fitness is that they both have “inclusive” bathroom/fitting room/locker room policies that are considered “gender neutral”, meaning a man who identifies as a woman and vice versa can use the facilities that correspond with the gender with which they identify.


Target’s policy has been in place since at least 2014, and they’ve had a disturbing number of ‘Peeping Tom’ incidents in their fitting rooms and bathrooms since that time. Planet Fitness’s policy has gotten them in hot water on multiple occasions from women who say they didn’t know the fitness center’s policy was to allow men who identified as women to enter the women’s locker rooms.

In these two instances (if not more), James Bradley Josey was not dressed in women’s clothes when he committed his offenses. But the fact that they both took place at businesses that make it a point to make their changing/bathroom facilities “inclusive to all” brings this to mind: According to leftist LGBTQ groups like Lambda Legal, a man identifying as a woman can still dress as a man and still identify as a woman.

There is no rule that a person must look a certain way to use a certain restroom. This kind of “gender policing” is harmful to everyone, whether a transgender person, a butch woman, an effeminate man or anyone dressed or groomed in a way that doesn’t conform to someone else’s gender standards. Moreover, courts have increasingly found that discrimination against transgender people is sex discrimination.

Furthermore, far left groups like Lambda and Human Rights Campaign also advocate that companies train their employees to NOT question anyone on their gender before they enter the dressing room or restroom or locker room, because it’s “personal”, “offensive” and could cause great distress to a transgender person. What this means is that anyone who intended to harm women or children could enter these facilities without being questioned, and by the time it is discovered they’re not supposed to be there, it’s too late.


It’s not known whether Josey used any underhanded tactics to gain access to his victims at Planet Fitness and Target. But what is clear is that their policies have made it much easier for predators like him to victimize women and children.

Here’s Josey’s photo:

Let’s pray the Knoxville PD can find him before he strikes again.

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