The Irresponsible Behavior of the Hollywood Left Is Going to Get People Hurt

The Hollywood left have made no secret of their utter disdain for President Donald Trump, and one of their biggest complaints about him is what they see as his abrasive style of communicating with people, and how his words alone have the potential to impact the lives of others – for better or for worse.


Unfortunately, these same people lecturing Trump and others about how they should show restraint and compassion do not come remotely close to practicing what they preach.

Actress Alyssa Milano is a classic example of the hypocritical say one thing, do something different philosophy of the Hollywood left. She’s worked hard over the last few years to establish her leftist “Girl Powah™!” creds, but her demagogic reactions to the “MAGA hat kids” controversy are arguably her most over the top and dangerous to date.

Take this one, for example:

Nearly 17,000 retweets and 81,000 favorites to date for an opinion which essentially states that if you wear a red hat in support of President Trump that you should be viewed as a virulent racist and treated accordingly. Keep in mind that this is a mindset already endorsed by the activist left, but with her tweet, Milano – viewed as a mainstream, compassionate actress and activist – gave these dangerous tactics her seal of approval.

The day after she wrote that – and as other liberal celebrities and leftist journos were deleting their knee-jerk tweets almost as fast as Hillary Clinton deleted emails off her server – Milano took this approach to the backlash to the backlash:


This is dangerously close to “her skirt was too short” territory, and Milano should know better. And to think she wrote this tweet as new information and a more complete picture was coming to light about what happened between the Covington Catholic High School teens and a group of Native American protesters that went in a completely different direction than the “racist MAGA kids harass peaceful Native American” narrative we’d been fed in a 24 hour time span.

Thought not an elected official, Ms. Milano has millions of followers and a powerful platform she could use for advocating a more responsible and reasoned approach to political disagreement, as a way of building bridges and solving problems.

But instead, the actress seems to be taking the scorched earth approach by becoming a proponent of punishing the political opposition by any means necessary because – gasp – they have the audacity to disagree with her on politics. By mainstreaming victim blaming and targeted harassment and violence against those who disagree, Milano has become part of the problem rather than the solution.


The next time she takes to social media or any of her other online soapboxes to rant, she should take the advice of Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander:


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