If Only Jeffrey Epstein Had Lived to See This — Biden Admin Suspends FBI Background Checks for Caregivers for Migrant Children

If Only Jeffrey Epstein Had Lived to See This — Biden Admin Suspends FBI Background Checks for Caregivers for Migrant Children
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News is leaking out late on a Saturday that the Biden Department of Homeland Security has quietly quit requiring FBI conducted fingerprint background checks for employees of DHS contractors who are being used to provide emergency caregiver services to unattended children streaming into the country at the invitation of the Biden Administration.

An actual — not virtual — Pedophile’s Smorgasbord has been created.

According to the AP report:

The Biden administration is not requiring FBI fingerprint background checks of caregivers at its rapidly expanding network of emergency sites to hold thousands of immigrant teenagers, alarming child welfare experts who say the waiver compromises safety.

In the rush to get children out of overcrowded and often unsuitable Border Patrol sites, President Joe Biden’s team is turning to a measure used by previous administrations: tent camps, convention centers and other huge facilities operated by private contractors and funded by U.S. Health and Human Services. In March alone, the Biden administration announced it will open eight new emergency sites across the Southwest adding 15,000 new beds, more than doubling the size of its existing system.

I will repeat a truism that I have stated many times before — pedophiles go to extreme lengths to introduce themselves into situations where they can have access to children under circumstances where they are less likely to draw attention.

Employees for contractors’ workforces that provide emergency services to care for migrant children with no background checks required? That seems to fit the description.

I’m sure the Biden Administration has considered the downside here but concluded that if something unfortunate happens, they can count on the press to follow along, when they blame the Trump Administration for not having created emergency programs big enough to deal with the consequences of the idiocy of Biden Administration policies.

These emergency sites don’t have to be licensed by state authorities or provide the same services as permanent HHS facilities. They also cost far more, an estimated $775 per child per day.

And to staff the sites quickly, the Biden administration has waived vetting procedures intended to protect minors from potential harm.

Staff and volunteers directly caring for children at new emergency sites don’t have to undergo FBI fingerprint checks, which use criminal databases not accessible to the public and can overcome someone changing their name or using a false identity.

$775 per day per child and Volunteer labor!!!!

What federal government contractor would turn down volunteer labor to provide services for which the contractor is being paid $775 a day per child???  FREE MONEY!!!!!

Seems like a “Win-Win”  — the Biden DHS contractor gets free pedophile labor to pad his bottom line on the contract, and the pedophiles get …..  let’s move on. (Which is what the Biden Administration might be saying soon.).

Just think about the organization Jeffrey Epstein could have thrown together with his money, and the network of volunteers he could have tapped into. He could have used his own plane to fly migrant, teenage girls to emergency shelter facilities set up on his private island in the Caribbean.

This only further underscores the complete and utter fiasco that the Biden Administration border policy has been since Day One. Maybe they should have paid more attention to what was predicted to happen on the border than they did to the Day One Executive Orders killing thousands of oil pipeline jobs, or rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, or ending restrictions on visitors from seven countries that are state sponsors of terrorism — or stopping all construction on the border wall and instead installing permanently on “Green Lights” along the entirety of the US-Mexico border.

Ok — they didn’t do that last thing, but the policy is effectively the same.

This problem did NOT exist during the Trump Administration.

This problem is 100% the result of the announced intentions of the Biden Administration as it came into office.

Remember this guy?

Come on, Man!!!!!

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