We Have Reached the Finals of Our Tournament to Crown the "Most Obnoxious Idiot Liberal Celebrity of 2020

The finals are now posted over on Twitter.  Check my timeline @shipwreckedcrew to vote in the poll.

To recap our tournament to date, we had 8 first-round matchups from our starting field of 16.  Here were the results:


No.1) Alyssa Milano def. 16 Michael Rappaport

2) Alec Baldwinaria def. 15 Debra Messing

3) Robert DeNiro def.  14 Meryl Streep

4) The View def. 13 Ron Perlman

5) Rob Reiner def. 12 Jim Carre

11) Barbara Streisand def. 8 KimmeMeyeColbeChelsBeeFallMayer

7) Mark Ruffalo v. 10 Prince Markel

8) Taylor Swift v. 9) Madonna

Only one upset there, with Barbra Streisand taking out the higher-seeded Late Night Host Mash-Up entry.

The Elite Eight Round went “all chalk” as the higher seed won each of the four matchups:

Milano def. Swift

Baldwinaria def. Ruffalo

DeNiro def. Streisand

The View def. Reiner.

But the Semi-Finals provided not just one, but two stunning upsets as The Combined Mass Psychosis of the Ladies of “The View” overwhelmed the single-minded simpleton impact of Alyssa Milano, and Robert DeNiro used his Golden Oscar to bludgeon to death Alec Baldwinaria who could only feebly strike back with a Golden Globe, which turned out to be made of pinchbeck.


So, our Grand Finale pits The View v. Robert DeNiro.

Voting is now open.

Our next tournament will kick off as quickly as the field can be organized, and it will be for the title of “Most Moronic New Media Member, Pundit or Reader”.  The field WILL be limited to 16 so the quality should be stellar from top to bottom.  I am still entertaining suggestions for entries in the Comments.

This field is greatly impacted by the rapidly changing news environment, and as of this moment, it is hard to conceive of a No. 1 seek other than Chuck Todd, but tomorrow is a new day.

So keep the comments coming and GO VOTE.




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