Biden Efforts to Rally Supporters in Philadelphia Goes up in Smoke - Riot Videos Inside

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As noted early Tuesday morning here on Red State, Philadephia Police officers shot and killed a black man who was pursuing them with a large knife. They were responding to a domestic disturbance call, and the subject advanced on the officers in the street who attempted at first to maintain distance between themselves and the subject. But when he continued to advance they shot and killed him. Here is a video of the incident.

This sparked protests, riots, and widespread looting in Philadephia throughout the night on Monday, and into the early hours Tuesday morning.  During the chaos, a Philadephia police officer was struck by a black pickup truck racing through downtown.  Here is a video of that incident.

Here are a few videos of police attempting to deal with the rioters and looters early in the evening.

Here are some videos of the citizens of Philadelphia taking the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families by taking some stuff for free.

No word yet from the Biden campaign about whether he or former Pres. Obama plan any campaign events back in Philadelphia to rally support in the community.