Democrat Candidate for Minnesota State House Invades Quiet Neighborhood for a Profanity Laced Rant In Front Of Police Union Official's House

Democrat Candidate for Minnesota State House Invades Quiet Neighborhood for a Profanity Laced Rant In Front Of Police Union Official's House
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A gentleman named John Thompson is running for Minnesota State House District 67A.

Actually that is not quite accurate — John Thompson is not a gentleman.

John Thompson is a vile, pathetic, cretin of a human being.

But I will start this piece with this acknowledgment — according to his campaign website, he was a friend and co-worker of Philando Castile who was killed by a police officer from the St. Anthony’s Police Department, a suburb of Minneapolis.

Mr. Thomspon states that the death of his friend at the hands of the police was the animating factor in his decision to get involved as a community activist, and now to run for office.  He’s a member of the DFL — the Minnesota Democrat Party, and his website is full of positions on issues that are pretty much right out of the AOC/Omar/Talib playbook on matters such as Single-Payer Healthcare, Green New Deal, Immigration, Economic Prosperity for All — and, of course, Criminal Justice Reform.

Philando Castile was pulled over while driving his car with his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her four-year old daughter.  Castile was carrying a firearm for which he had a concealed carry permit.  When the officer approached the car and engaged Castile in conversation, Castile told the officer her was armed and had a permit.  The officer told him to not reach for it, and Castile said he was not doing so as he reached for his wallet.  The officer again warned Castile to not pull it out, and Castile said he was not but continued to reach for his wallet.  The officer warned him one more time and then fired seven rounds, five of which struck Castile, mortally wounding him.

Castile had not done anything wrong.  He was killed by a poorly trained and panicky police officer from a small department of a small community.

The officer was later charged with manslaughter, but was acquitted by a jury on all counts a trial.

That officer’s name was Jeronimo Yanez.  He is not a caucasian — he’s Hispanic/Latino.

So John Thompson comes to his activism on the issue of police reform honestly.  A close friend is dead as a result of horrible police officer misjudgment — but misjudgment that a jury found to not be criminal.

But his is not a campaign rally based on the issue of police reform.  I give you John Thompson — the language is raw:

“I’m a black man being terrorized by this f**king Klansman right here.”

“We are terrorized by the Grand Wizard.  You’all got the Grand Wizard living in your God-damned neighborhood.”

“The Klan exists in Hugo, Minnesota.”

“Don’t run now.  Don’t run now racist white people.  I’m here.”

“And if the people in Hugo don’t support black people, f**k Hugo, Minnesota.”

One more video of Thompson:

Thompson pulled this little stunt — notice how well organized it is with the numerous cameras on tripods — in front of the house of Bob Kroll, the President of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis.

His family was barbequing in their driveway when Thompson and his race-baiting supporters arrived.

The episode is covered in the local press in this story.  The story notes he has been endorsed by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

Remember, that 20% of the police force in Minneapolis is currently in the process of seeking medical disability retirement based on PTSD.  That’s 25% of the force of 800 officers.

I fear it won’t be long before Minneapolis residents won’t get “justice” or “peace” — other than vigilante justice.

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