Three Days After Seattle Police Chief Publishes Letter of Resignation ANTIFA Riots In Seattle -- Police Are No Where To Be Found

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Elliot Armitage, a 2020 graduate of Ballard High School, holds his mortarboard cap that reads “Defund the Police” as he prepares to take part in a cap and gown Black Lives Matter march with other high school graduates, Monday, June 15, 2020, in Seattle. The theme of the march as “Walking for Those Who Can’t,” and organizers were calling for police funding reforms and an end to Seattle public schools’ relationship with the Seattle Police Department. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


As reported by my colleague Sista Toldja here, on Tuesday evening Chief Carmen Best of the Seattle Police Department announced her resignation.  She was motivated to resign by a vote earlier that day by the Seattle City Council to cut the police department’s budget by nearly $4 million and voted to cut her salary and that of her command staff.  The budget reductions are for the remainder of this fiscal year, and could lead to a reduction in the size of the police force by as many as 100 officers.

Black Bloc ANTIFA took to the streets of downtown Seattle tonight like marauding Vikings when they realized that Seattle Police were not coming out to meet them.  The sent through blocks of downtown breaking windows and destroying property, without a single Seattle Police Department officer taking upon him/herself to try to intervene.


Obviously there are no videos of clashes with the Police — there were no Police in sight.  But Saturday nights tend to be when things jump in Seattle. With Seattle PD being no-show tonight, that might prove to be too tempting an opportunity for ANTIFA to pass on tomorrow.


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