Americans Seeking Police "Reform" - Does This Conduct Represent You? The Night In Pornland [NSFW]

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A crowd of women hold signs and shout in Portland, Ore., during a protest over the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after being restrained by police in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)


I try to understand the sentiments behind the drive for police “reform” that follows regrettable outcomes of deadly encounters between the police and members of the community.  I don’t necessarily agree with the oftentimes “fact-lite” premise upon which those sentiments are based, and I become agitated when intentional distortions are resorted to for the purpose of advancing a narrative that is counter-factual in pursuit of the “reform” agenda.

But then there are performances like that one that took place tonight at the head of a “protest” in Portland by a reputed “leader” of the “Black Wall of Moms For BLM Because White Women Don’t Qualify” group that has been in the news.  Maybe they need to rename the group as “Moms Gone Wild”.

There will be a story up a little later by my colleague Nick Armana detailing the fact that one “Demetria Hester” — the “leader” of that group — was arrested Sunday night.

This story isn’t about that arrest or the aftermath.  This story is about what Demetria Hester did on Monday night when she returned to the front lines of the protest.

At the front of the crowd, and with a bullhorn in hand to amplify her voice as she directed her x-rated routine with the help of visual aids to a line of Portland Police Officers standing in front of her, Demetria Hester did this:


“You better go call your wife.  She’s at home cheating on you with something of that size.”

Ok reform-minded America.  Are you proud of the leadership of the groups whose lead you follow?

Are you unwilling to elbow aside purveyors of such fetid bilous attack?  Would you stand next to her and hold the rubber penis while she delivered her lines?

Woke white girls need to get in on the action too.

And you wonder why a vast and growing majority of the country stands up and applauds when videos like the following become available for mass distribution in the early morning hours.

Sick em:


It’s almost comical the number of times you hear people in the background comment about how they are just standing there peacefully when the police suddenly make a move to disperse the crowd.  There seems to be some belief that the police can only lawfully target the individual troublemakers for dispersal and not the crowd as a whole.

The purpose of declaring an “unlawful assembly” is to bring EVERYONE into the circle of illegality if they try to remain at the location.  It’s like they somehow live in a fantasy world where a “peaceful unlawful assembly” is allowed.  The “assembly” part becomes unlawful in and of itself without regard to the “peace” of the matter.  There are rules for declaring an “assembly” an “unlawful” assembly, but once that is done your “peaceful” character becomes irrelevant.


As I’ve mentioned in earlier stories on the nightly rioting in Portland, the level of aggression being demonstrated by the Portland PD seems to be ratcheting up slowly.  This is going to ultimately lead one side or the other to take a step from which it is difficult to step back once you cross that threshold.  If a police officer suffers a serious or fatal injury, or if a protester suffers a serious or fatal injury, the entire dynamic will change — for the worse.

The effect of such an incident will lead directly to a conflagration between the two sides which will fill hospital emergency rooms.  Rather than rioting to be noticed, the dynamic will shift to rioting for survival.

Somehow I think the Demetria Hester’s of the world are working for that.

What about the rest of you who can’t bring yourselves to condemn them?


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