New Trump Campaign Ads Take Issue Again With Biden's Growing Ties to Far Left Wing of Democrat Party

Courtesy of Carlos Gavidia
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Image of people sporting Trump 2020 flags on their boats. (Courtesy of Carlos Gavidia)


The Trump campaign issued two new campaign ads today as part of a revised media strategy that follows in the wake of Bill Stepien replacing Brad Parscale as Trump 2020 Campaign Manager.


The campaign had acknowledged that it paused television and online advertising in the aftermath of the campaign team shakeup so Stepien could do a review of the strategy planned by Parscale, and make adjustments to it based on a re-evaluation of where the race is headed over the last 100 days.

The new ads released today have one theme, but presented in two different perspectives.

The first ad, called “Takeover”, links Biden with other Democrat candidates and officeholders who reflect farther left-wing radicals of the Democrat party coalition.

It shows Biden joining in far left-wing radical policies advocated during the primaries by Bernie Sanders, including massive tax increases, unhindered immigration, and calls to “defund the police.”

The ad goes on to show Biden in a picture joined by Sanders, AOC, and Ilhan Omar, with the words “RADICAL LEFT” flashing in the background behind them.


The second ad called “Cards” shows a minority female in the 20s-30s age bracket holding a set of “cue cards” with various messages on them reflecting her thoughts, and she goes through the cards to the viewer one-by-one.  The cards reflect her worries about a “weak” Joe Biden, and the changes a Biden Presidency would bring to the country.


Among the messages she displays on the cards are warnings that Biden will raise taxes, grant amnesty to 11 million illegals, and enter into trade deals that cost Americans factory jobs.

The campaign acknowledged that with so many states allowing early voting, and voting by mail, the general election campaign is already underway — even before the conventions.  So the shift in strategy and tactics is a recognition that the Presidential Campaign no longer begins after Labor Day.



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