The Left’s Anti-Reality - To Which We All Must Submit

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I’m sure you think it.  And feel it.

We the People are currently awash in insanity.  Nothing makes sense.  No one is behaving rationally.

It is because the Left is currently running things.  They have been rapidly advancing – and almost no one is doing anything to stop them.


Thus we are currently living in the Left’s Anti-Reality.  This is how they wish the world to be – rather than how the world actually is.

The Left’s Anti-Reality – is a nauseating and infuriating place.

The Left loathes Reality.  Because Reality is antithetical to their perverse worldview. Nothing in which the Left believes – works in Reality.

Human beings don’t behave the way the Left thinks they should.  And humans make Reality.  Which is why the Left also hates humans.  And spent the 20th Century murdering 100 million of us – trying to get us to comport to their way of (not) thinking.

The Left can’t fit Reality’s square peg into their round hole.  So lots and LOTS of hammering is attempted.  But squares don’t fit in circles – and never, ever will.

So the Left is totalitarian.  Because the Left is inherently totalitarian – because the Left has to be totalitarian.  Because Reality and we humans won’t voluntarily comply.  So all will be made to comply.

Sanity isn’t safe.  History isn’t safe.  No one or nothing normal is safe.  “A” – must be made to be “Not A.”

The Left continually riots, loots and burns large swaths of our land – and we are incessantly told they are “mostly peaceful.”

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo forces senior facilities – seniors being amongst the most vulnerable to China Virus infection and death – to house thousands of China Virus patients.  Deaths skyrocket.  And we are incessantly told what a great job Cuomo is doing.


The Left moves to defund the police – and murder and mayhem skyrocket.  And Left darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – says it’s ALL…just shoplifting by hungry family members.

You want a statue of black liberator and hero Frederick Douglass in your town?  Too bad – you will be made to comply.

You want a statue of Emancipation Proclamation-author Abraham Lincoln in your town?  Too bad – you will be made to comply.

You’re a superfluity of nuns who doesn’t want to pay for abortions?  You will be made to comply.

You run a private bakery – and choose not to freely associate with a homosexual wedding?  You will be made to comply.

And on, and on, and on….

A particularly goofy example of the Left’s titanic denial of Reality?

At the very outset of governments forcing us to hide under our beds in the name of a glorified flu – we wrote (on March 16):

Coronavirus: Nation’s Internet Providers Have Made #SelfDistancing Telework a Piece of Cake

Governments forcing us to stay home – means hundreds of millions of additional people flooding online residentially.  All day, every day.  For now four months – and counting….

We predicted it would be no problem here in the US.  Because our longtime light-touch-regulation of the Internet – led to now nearly $2 trillion of Internet Service Provider (ISP) investment in our networks.


Which led us to know our networks – would happily handle the strain.

Net-Neutrality-addled, heavy-regulation-inflicted Europe?  Not so much.

But one week into the stupid shutdowns – one week after we predicted the US would do just fine:

YouTube, Netflix Reduce Stream Quality to Ease Strain on Internet in Europe:

“The moves comes after European Union Commissioner Thierry Breton, who oversees the EU internal market, implored streaming services to switch all streams to standard definition in a Wednesday tweet….

“‘We estimate that this will reduce Netflix traffic on European networks by 25 percent…’ the company said.”

Please remember: Video is far-and-away the largest consumer of Internet bandwidth.

Netflix and YouTube Make Up Majority of US Internet Traffic

So Europe’s move – was a HUGE network traffic decrease.  Made in advance – because they knew they couldn’t handle the strain to come.

And just now – four-plus months into the shutdown stupidity – we have learned:

U.S. Internet Speeds Increase 15.8% on Mobile and 19.6% on Fixed Broadband:

“The Q2 2020 Speedtest® United States Market Report by Ookla® is based on Speedtest Intelligence® data from over 1.6 million unique mobile user devices and 18.9 million fixed broadband devices performing more than 85.1 million consumer-initiated tests on Speedtest apps in the U.S. during the period.”


Get that?

We dramatically increased online traffic for the entirety of 2020s Second Quarter (Q2).  And handled it like champs.

And whilst so doing – we increased online speeds by nearly 20%.

Meanwhile, Europe had to preemptively reduce traffic by 25%.

By ANY measure – that Reality is simply outstanding.

But of course – the Left hates Reality.

Today’s Steadfastly Impervious to Facts Award – goes to this guy:

Did Broadband Deregulation Save the Internet?

“Something has been bothering me for several months, and that usually manifests in a blog at some point. During the COVID-19 crisis, the (Donald Trump) FCC and big ISPs have repeatedly said that the only reason our networks weathered the increased traffic during the pandemic was due to the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality and deregulation of the broadband industry. Nothing could be further from the truth….

“As surprising as that might seem to the average person, ISP networks were never in any danger of crashing — they just got busier than normal during the middle of the day, but not so busy as to threaten any Internet crashes. The big ISPs are crowing about weathering the storm when their networks were not in any serious peril.”

Are you enjoying this clown’s Anti-Reality?  I didn’t think so.

The reason we were never threatened with Internet crashes – is because our ISPs have built up our networks.


They have been free to build up our networks – because we have had less government in the way.

Big-Government-Internet Europe – KNEW they couldn’t handle the increased strain.  So they immediately, preemptively, dramatically decreased the strain.

A surrender – before the war even began.  A tacit admission of the feebleness of their government-limited networks.

All of that – is Reality.

The Left’s disdain for it notwithstanding.



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