Shocker: Obama Yet Again Abused Authority He Didn’t Have - To Yet Again Punish an Enemy

Ex-President Barack Obama never found the severe Constitutional proscriptions on his office to be particularly confining or limiting.

Because Obama never paid any attention at all to them.


Obama did whatever he wanted.  And most of the time what he wanted – he wasn’t actually allowed to do.

Obama: I Will Use My Pen and Phone to Take on Congress

The examples are nigh endless.  After all, we were subjected to his awfulness for eight entire years.

For instance….

Flashback: Obama Admits He Lacks Authority to Pass an Exec Order Like DACA:

“‘If, in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so.’”

DACA – was Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  Which was amnesty – for a limitless number Illegal aliens.  All any illegal alien had to do – was claim to have come to the US as a child.  There is almost no way to prove their tale – so DACA simply took them at their word.

Obama was right the first time.  Congress and its laws are required to issue this sort of blanket mass amnesty.  Except….

Barack Obama’s Executive Order on DACA was Unconstitutional:

“(T)he entire premise that a President of the United States of America can act without Congress should scare everyone on the left and the right.”

Indeed it should.  On all manner of matters.

And lest we forget….

Obama Says Punish Enemies and Reward Friends

Obama LOVED using government to do exactly that.  Most of the time – he wasn’t actually allowed to do what he did.

For our purposes today, we’ll skip the illegal, MASSIVE government cronyisms Obama committed for friends.


Oh Look, Three More Examples of Obama Administration Cronyism

The Obama-Biden Energy Legacy: Cronyism

The Obamas’ $50 Million Netflix Deal: Cronyism Comes Full Circle

And concentrate instead on his illegal, MASSIVE government abuses of his enemies.

Obama’s IRS Admits to Specifically Targeting Tea Party Conservatives

USA Today: Obama ‘Wiretapped Journalists and Spied on Congress’

New York Times Admits Obama Admin Deployed Multiple Spies Against Trump Campaign In 2016

And there was a going away present for yet another Obama Enemy.  A mere three days before the Obama-spied-upon Donald Trump was sworn in as Obama’s successor….

Department of Labor Sues Oracle for Discrimination

And…shocker: The grounds on which Obama built the lawsuit – are illegal and fraudulent.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) – is a subagency within the Labor Department.  It is this tentacle at the end of this arm of the Leviathan – that has officially sued Oracle for discrimination.

For today, we’ll mostly leave aside the blatantly obvious fact that the charges leveled against Oracle are ridiculous on their face.

Obama Holdover Lawsuit: You Can’t Fix Fake Problems

And instead concentrate on the fact that yet again – Obama had no Constitutional or statutory grounds for its nonsense against Oracle.

This is yet another example of Obama endlessly expanding the abusive over-use of the Deep State – to punish yet another Enemy.


Oracle was finally forced to counter-sue….

Oracle Sues DOL Over Discrimination Enforcement ‘Power Grab’

…because nearly three years after Obama left office – Labor was STILL persecuting Oracle with its ridiculous lawsuit:

“The Labor Department’s enforcement of workplace discrimination claims against federal contractors is unconstitutional, Oracle America Inc. alleges in a federal lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C.”

“Of course that’s what Oracle would say” – you say?

Well, let’s begin with the dramatically over-officious, abusive, unconstitutional and illegal entirety of the Obama Administration.  Especially when it came to “punishing…enemies.”

Simply on the face of it – I’m inclined to believe Oracle over Obama.  As anyone with an IQ above nine on a warm day would.

And this very minimal amount of intelligence – is rewarded.  Because unlike Obama’s Labor Department, Oracle backs their assertion – with actual facts and citation of Constituion and statute:

“The Nov. 27 lawsuit accuses the DOL and its Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs of exceeding their authority by creating an administrative trial system ‘wherein agency officials prosecute and adjudicate discrimination claims against government contractors and then award broad injunctive and compensatory relief if the agency finds violations.’

“Oracle said this system, which it called a ‘power grab,’ violates the U.S. Constitution’s separation of powers.”


Indeed it is a “power grab.” Indeed the Obama Labor Department is “exceeding their authority.”

The Labor Department – is a creature of the Executive Branch.

But this “administrative trial system” – is the Executive Branch pretending to simultaneously be the Judicial Branch.

That’s the power grab.  Obama’s Executive Branch – grabbing with both hands power from the Judicial Branch.

This is old school, crazy Wild West stuff.

The Obama Labor Department ridiculously went after Oracle.

And then acted as their judge, jury and executioner – all by its onesies.

None of which is the Executive Branch’s job.

Because all of it – belongs in the Judicial Branch.

Because that’s where judges, juries and sentences are all supposed to exist.

Exclusively.  Per the Constitution.

This all by itself – successfully proves Oracle’s case against Labor.

The prosecution rests.


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