Yet Another Leftist Anti-Energy Misdirection: Hiding Behind the Animals

The entirety of the Leftist radical environmental movement is dangerous and stupid.

Dangerous: Because it costs many, many humans their lives when they can’t heat or cool their homes because the Left has prohibited – or rendered prohibitively expensive – the energy they need to heat or cool themselves.  And because Leftist environmentalists routinely engage in violence in attempts to impose their will.


Stupid: Because their ideas for alleged energy – are awful, and awfully dumb.  Solar, wind, ethanol and the like – are terrible sources of energy…and are worse for the environment than the real energy sources they purport to replace.  “Green energy” – is neither green nor energy.

So when you have a terrible product to sell – your salesmen must incessantly lie their faces off.

Even Earth Day – is a lie.  Because they know they absolutely can not tell you the truth about even that.  They chose as Earth Day…Communist godfather Vladimir Lenin’s birthdayWell isn’t that special.

And every thing under the Earth Day, Leftist environmentalist umbrella – is an endless supply of additional lies.

Seton Motley | Red State |

A recurring ploy – is to hide their anti-energy insanity behind cute animals.  That way they don’t have to say “We hate energy, and capitalism, and human activity, and humans” – they can say “We like cute animals.”

The Greatest Scam on Earth – belongs to the Leftist environmentalists.  It is Global Warming…oops, I mean Climate Change.

Climate Change is a worldwide corrupt cabal – cobbled together to bring to a halt any and all productive human activity.  But that they can’t sell.


So instead we get pictures of Polar Bears and Penguins on ice floes.  Oh look – how cute.  About which they lie – and say the floes are fleeting due to Climate Change.  Oh no – what will become of the cute animals?!?

Of course, not every anti-energy situation presents such appealing creatures.  But the Left will make do with…whatever.  Any Perch in a storm.  Or Alaska Salmon.

The Deception of Stand for Salmon:

“Alarms now are sounding on an issue few Alaskans are aware of. The Stand for Salmon ballot measure, a misguided attempt to improve salmon habitat protections, is slated to be on the November general election ballot….

“It only takes one read of the eight-page document to convince most Alaskans that this ballot measure is both un-Alaskan and unsound. Legal experts have analyzed the ballot measure’s language and are shocked by its breadth, complexity, vague, undefined terms and its unstated presumptions.”

The Left pushing something which renders Regular Americans “shocked by its breadth, complexity, vague, undefined terms and its unstated presumptions?”  Shocker.

The Left hiding its actual radical anti-energy agenda behind allegedly protecting animals?  Shocker.

Of course, the massive Leftist money for this phony Stand for Salmon front – doesn’t come from Alaskans:


“Outside money and influence led to the creation of this measure, and the result is a dumpster fire. It is unwieldy, unpredictable and dangerous. The fish habitat measure ensures that our economy will continue to shrink, joblessness will grow and our state will continue to see an outmigration of people.

“Outside environmental groups and their wealthy outside benefactors are not the people who should be weighing in on policies in Alaska. These are people with a longstanding agenda, and they don’t care if they sabotage economic growth and jobs in their misguided mission to enforce extreme fish habitat regulations to the exclusion of everything else.

“These activists, whose single largest donor is a Boston billionaire, don’t live here, so why would they care if our current economic recession deepens? They would rather turn Alaska into one giant, inaccessible national park.”

The Leftist Lie is: “We Stand for Salmon.”  The truth?  “We stand for the halt of all human activity.”  Which some actual Alaskans realize:

“When the leader of an Alaska Native corporation warns the public, ‘there will not be another significant project built in rural Alaska if this ballot measure passes,’ that’s a serious matter.


“When the construction industry says that building or improving roads, bridges and runways will become exorbitantly expensive or impossible if this measure passes, that should provoke a sustained outcry.

“When the president of the proposed Alaska LNG project says that passage of this ballot measure would make the gas line project ‘darn near impossible’ to build, that should convince us to take action now.

“And, when all four leading candidates running for governor, including our current governor, are unified in stating their opposition to this measure, that must motivate us to band together to ensure its defeat in November.”

Here’s hoping a majority of Alaskans reach by November this very obvious anti-Stand for Salmon conclusion.


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