52% of Southern Nevada COVID-19 Deaths Were Fully Vaccinated? That's What This Data Says

Despite the media’s 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week marathon in attempting to convince Americans of the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, constant reports of breakthrough cases have gone a long way to undermining that effort.  US Health Officials have been adamant that the effectiveness of the vaccines remains high, even though the CDC does not collect data for breakthrough cases, eliminating the possibility for national health officials from even weighing in on the matter.  In the UK, at least 40% of new COVID hospitalizations have been of vaccinated people, and many jurisdictions make no distinction anymore between vaccinated and unvaccinated people when it comes to COVID-19 mandates.


In a few states, they do gather breakthrough case data, but oftentimes it is lacking in data or format to which it can be compared.  For instance, some states count breakthrough cases, but not hospitalizations or deaths, which makes it hard to determine the number of vaccinated patients that are being treated for, or potentially dying from, COVID-19.  This morning, in reviewing data out Southern Nevada, I came across data that I could actually compare that told a story that doesn’t line up with the “98% of deaths and hospitalizations are unvaccinated” narrative.

“The Southern Nevada Health District was created in 1962, following statutory authorization from the Nevada State Legislature to combine the county health department and the health departments of several surrounding cities,” according to the SNHD website.

From the Website:

At the time of its creation, the Health district had approximately 30 employees, including four sanitarians who inspected 800 eating and drinking establishments. The Health District currently employs approximately 500 staff members working in its four divisions.

Today, the Southern Nevada Health District is one of the largest local public health organizations in the United States. The health district serves more than 2.2 million residents, which represents 72 percent of Nevada’s total population. Additionally, the Health District is charged with safeguarding the public health of more than 42 million visitors to Las Vegas each year.


The first week of August of 2021, the Department revised the methodology of the data collected, to include not just factors of breakthrough cases, but hospitalizations and deaths as well.  Included in the data collected by the SNHD is the total percentage of vaccinated people in the county, which right now sits at 46.05%.  This accounts for the whole of the population, including those under the age of 12, who cannot currently get the vaccine, however, in the interest of making sure the data remains comparable, we need to include everyone.

SNHD Percent Vaccinated

On August 11th, the first report after the revised methodology, SNHD reported a total of 37 breakthrough deaths. Just one week later, on August 19th, SNHD reported a total of 87 deaths, meaning that in a week, 50 of the COVID-19 related deaths for the SNHD were fully vaccinated, people.  The majority of the people who have breakthrough cases reported since August 4th do not have preexisting conditions (1462 had them while 4847 did not).  Of those that were vaccinated, 63% had received the Pfizer vaccine, 21% the Moderna, and 16% had received another vaccine.  According to the data, only 5% of the total breakthrough cases needed hospitalization, and the Delta variant was identified as the cause of most of the cases.  Initially, 73% of all breakthrough cases were people over the age of 65, but that number plummeted to 23%, with 44% of the new breakthrough cases between August 11th and August 19th involving 25-44-year-olds.


Death Numbers 8-11 SNHD

Death Numbers 8-19 SNHD

During that same period of time (August 11th – August 19th), the SNHD’s total COVID Deaths (those of both vaccinated and unvaccinated), rose from 4936 to 5032, or 96 deaths.  Of the total deaths, 50 of them were fully vaccinated, meaning 52% of the deaths were fully vaccinated patients.  As previously discussed, only 46% of the county is vaccinated, showing that vaccinated people were more likely to die from a COVID-19 infection from this sample than were the unvaccinated.  At 52%, a 6 point swing isn’t drastic enough to justify saying the vaccine is more dangerous than being unvaccinated, but the narrative that the vaccine makes it so you are less likely to die from COVID-19 doesn’t hold water in this case.

The point of this author pointing out these discrepancies isn’t to tell people not to get vaccinated.  The percentage of side-effects is so low, that the vast majority of people (including myself) have been fully vaccinated without so much as a hiccup.  The point is, as many of you likely already agree, that the narrative that government leaders are following “the science” doesn’t seem to be true in this case.  Vaccinated people accounted for more than half of new cases, and more than half of new deaths, absent any explanation accounting for the jump.  I personally have dealt with friends, who are very angry that they complied with government requests in exchange for promises only to have them broken.


About the only thing that people are consistently sick of is the everchanging government mandates that seem to ignore data that doesn’t support their narrative.


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