The Country Would Like a Do-Over

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Just seven months ago, Joe Biden became President, winning by the narrowest of margins.  Certainly, the left would like you to think that Biden won by some crazy amount, but when factoring for this thing called the Electoral College, Biden only won by less than 43,000 votes.  To put that into perspective, Trump won Pennsylvania by a bigger margin in 2016.  In 2020, Biden won Arizona’s 11 electoral votes by less than 11,000 votes, Georgia’s 16 electoral votes by less than 12,000 votes, and Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes by less than 21,000 votes.  Had Biden lost those states, we would have ended up with a tie in the Electoral College, which would have had each State’s Congressional Delegation making the decision, giving the Republicans the advantage and ultimately Trump the White House.

Yet, the election promises of rainbows and cupcakes have given way to the inevitable result of progressivism, with employers struggling to find qualified workers, inflation threatening to send the economy into recession, and the US appearing castrated to our enemies.  While Americans may have been “fed up” with Trump’s caustic style, they were not upset with the roaring economy, increased equality, and America’s successes in foreign policy.

Biden was the beneficiary of the perfect storm of circumstances, which otherwise would have denied him from the Presidency.  Had COVID-19 not wreaked havoc on the country, with the media playing a 24-hour blame game on Trump, Biden would never have even been a blip on the radar, let alone the current President.

Now, just seven months into Biden’s Presidency, we are left with some serious issues, many of which would not be a problem had Trump been reelected.  On the economy, Trump would have never authorized an extension of benefits, which would have required many people to return to work.  We may not have seen further “stimulus” checks, which have kneecapped the value of the dollar and sent us into a hyperinflationary tailspin.  Certainly, the printing of additional cash would have been countered by continued production and further growth in the economy.  Instead, we have been forced into implementing a failed ideology, by sacrificing American exceptionalism and global economic and industrial hegemony at the altar of climate change.

One of the Joe Biden Administration’s first actions was to declare war on fossil fuels, by canceling the Keystone Pipeline (much to the chagrin of our maple syrup loving neighbors to the north), and further complicate the replacement of aging lines in Michigan, including Line 5 (google Line 5 Pipeline if you haven’t heard about it — thanks, MSM!)  which is a major supplier of fuels to the United States.  Later, after a cyber attack shut down a pipeline on the East Coast, fuel prices skyrocketed, further sending the US into economic chaos.

Despite most of our personal disagreements with progressive policies, what has Biden gotten done with all the power they took on Election Day? The base has to be furious with the results of their efforts to elect the man, considering that they’ve got absolutely nothing to show for what they’ve accomplished.  No movement on student debt, kids are still in cages at the border (and no movement on immigration reform), the country has never been more divided, and now, the people who claim to be for women’s rights, have defended the Afghanistan withdrawal plan that placed the country into the hands of the Taliban.

As the economy continues along toward the cliff of economic collapse, home affordability rates have plummeted, as prices have skyrocketed (thanks largely to inflation) and interest rates are already in the basement making it impossible to make home prices more affordable.  Wages haven’t increased at the rate of consumer prices, making it more expensive to buy the same amount of product and straining the budgets of millions of Americans.

The narrative around COVID-19 mitigation efforts has collapsed, showing that regardless of actions taken by governmental leaders, COVID-19 still spreads, infects, and kills.  Joe Biden has the advantage of a year of data, the experience of a year of treatments, as well as a functional vaccine, (all thanks to the Trump Admin mind you), and still has managed to see the country explode in cases.   Promises of freedom for the vaccinated have been erased by conflicting statements regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine, stating that it is effective, but not in the terms of a conventional vaccine.  Regardless of the vaccine, you can still get, spread, and die from COVID-19.  The at-one-time conspiracy theory that vaccine passports were coming, has given way to literal vaccine passports and the left’s consistent defense of their use.  The country that was born out of individual liberty and freedom has been consumed by the tyranny of the majority.  Choices are no longer governed by the individual, but rather by a collective society.

Is this what the left voted for?  Is this what they drove out an alleged record number of voters to accomplish?  Is Trump being gone really worth the damage we are doing to our country?

And while the left will tell us that, “Yes, it absolutely is worth that to get rid of Trump,” the centrists that swayed the election may not be as easily convinced.  In fact, knowing what they know now, would they have voted the way they did?

The “at least there are no mean-tweets” comments from the right seem to be almost prophetic, as the left’s argument in support of Biden’s administration is just a wet sack of whataboutism, suggesting that somehow, Trump’s continued Presidency would have been at the very least, just as bad as Biden’s.  They forget somehow, that the one thing that Donald Trump hates more than the modern left, is losing.  Do you really think for one second, Trump would have allowed Afghanistan to plunge into chaos?  Do you think he would have reversed the course of our energy independence?  Do you think he would have let cyber-terrorists off the hook for attacking our country?  Do you think the situation at the border would have gotten worse?  At the same time, would the media be giving Trump a pass for doing “just as bad?”  Do you think the media would have given Trump a pass on half the things on which they let Biden skate?  Of course not.

Again, while the modern left is incapable of seeing this blatant example of their own bias, the moderates, I believe, do.  It may be circumstantial evidence, but even some of my most liberal of friends have privately confided in me that they are quite disappointed with the Biden Administration.  These same people, I believe, given the opportunity to vote again in the 2020 election, knowing what they know now, wouldn’t.  This in no way suggests that many of them would have voted for Trump;  That isn’t what I am saying, but it would have significantly impacted those that did turn out to vote.  Had a little more than 0.7% of those that voted for Biden in the three above-mentioned states not showed up to vote, Trump would still be President.  Is the left really confident they could hold that line today?  Of course, they aren’t.  In fact, they know they aren’t and it scares the living hell out of them for both 2022 and eventually, 2024.

Frankly, I believe that more than those three states move into play, with the hindsight many of those voters had.  I think the country, if it were possible, would want a do-over.



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